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SpinFire Ultimate 11.5.0 Release Notes


SpinFire Ultimate 11.5.0 adds integration to the MS-Office documents, 2D callouts, grids, and rulers, the SolidEdge 2D importer, a new shortcut toolbar and a host of bug fixes.

Added Features 

Notable Changes

  • Show Only Graphics button
  • Performance Improvements
  • Wall Thickness Improvements
  • Add support for 3MF export for 3D printing
  • Add Line Thickness option for HPGL
  • Override fonts during installation

Bug Fixes 

  • 2D Area Tools
    • Crash Creating 2D Area in Snapshot.

  • 2D Models

    • Convert Datakit NURBS lines to polylines.

    • CATDrawing is out of frame with erroneous chinese characters.

    • Paths are drawn incorrectly for EMF file.

    • EMF file with large embedded image does not open.

    • Opening HPGL files without Initialize instruction causes a crash.

    • Missing raster image from E5-PERIS-LTG-A.plt.

    • Selection of shapes stays visible after deleting selected shapes.

    • Error messages do not show up anymore with invalid AutoCAD files AutoCAD.
  • 3D Vertex Notes

    • Impossible to return focus to notes.

  • Annotations

    • Collapse All menu item isn't translated dynamically in annotations tab in specific case.

    • Use busy indicator when exporting annotations.

  • Assembly Tree

    • Highlighted tree item icon color is the same as the color of not loaded part in Dark Theme. 

  • Boundary Area by Edges

    • Impossible to calculate Boundary Area for Profile Edges. 

  • Centro Connection

    • Incorrect icon for Centro Connection is displayed after updating Centro URL.

    • Incorrect translation in Centro Connection context menu after changing language.

    • Context menu isn't updated for Centro Connection. 

    • Projects are duplicated when Open Update Connection dialog second time. 

    • No Project is selected when open Update Connection dialog. 

    • Properties dialog for a selected file opens instead of Centro Connection Properties in specific case.

    • Improve performance of getting Centro parts information. 

    • Apply Settings button is cropped in Centro tab in Modern theme. 

  • Export CAD

    • Export to 3D PDF with Only Visible off does not export all parts.

  • Export Image

    • Tooltip in Export Hardcopy dialog is cropped Export Hardcopy.
      Implement ImageData > Image > Bitmap. 

  • Importers Page

    • SpinFire Professional option isn't checked after .3D files were associated with SF11 during installation. 

  • Installation

    • Installation is not associating ACT3D files. 

  • Library

    • Impossible to select several documents with CTRL button in Library when Tiles mode is enabled. 

  • Minimum Bounding Box

    • Minimum Bounding Box with local search fails on specific case. 

    • Minimum Bounding Box not same size as SpinFire Professional 10. 

  • Open .3D

    • Unable to open sample .3D file that comes with SpinFire Professional. 

    • Associate .3D files during installation. 

    • Inconsistent handling of .3D files converted from Solidworks drawing. 

  • Open File

    • Some of the Actify test files do not open. 

  • Part Properties

    • Empty search box in Properties dialog is filled with red color in specific case. 

  • Print Preview

    • ToolTip is cutoff in the Print Preview dialog window. 

    • Icons are missing for Paper Sizes in Print Preview. 

    • The search on print preview should loop its search from the top to bottom. 

  • Save/Load

    • Changes aren't saved after closing document tab. 

    • Document isn't saved after two or more identical documents were added. 

  • Section Profile

    • Crash when using measurements in 2D document from section. 

  • Selection

    • Ability to select shell points in 2D documents. 

    • Checking of Section menu items does not match SpinFire Professional 10. 

  • Translations

    • Fix German translation for Open Shell. 

  • Tube Length

    • Memory increases a lot in specific case when calculate Tube length. 

    • Tube Length Auto Complete is repeated several times during importing sub-assembly. 

    • Specific model crashes during Tube Length Auto Complete. 

  • UI

    • Incorrect checkstate of parent item in Reset Settings dialog in specific case. 

    • The workspace tab is not wide enough for the some translations. 

    • Incorrect camera location for CAD Views in specific model. 

    • Tooltip for filters file in Open dialog isn't wrapped. 

  • Volume, Surface Area, and Center of Mass

    • Volume calculation creates hidden label. 

    • Pick a Point message is displayed in Measurement dialog when calculating Physical Properties. 

  • Wall Thickness

    • Wall thickness analysis fails for model with surface of zero area. 

    • Menu for hidden part is displayed after Wall Thickness Analysis. 

Upgrading from 11.4.1 to 11.5.0

To upgrade SpinFire Ultimate from 11.4.1 to 11.5.0

  1. Launch and run the SpinFire.x64.msi (or the SpinFire.x64.exe) and follow the installation wizard instructions. 

  2. Select Check for Updates from the Help menu if you have an Internet connection and are upgrading form 11.1 or greater.

See SpinFire Ultimate Known Issues

Supported Environments

Client EnvironmentMinimumRecommendedOptimum
Operating System

Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit)
Windows 8 (64-bit) 
Windows 8 (32-bit)
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2012

Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows 8 (64-bit) 
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 10 (64-bit)
OS Language Supported

English (US)
Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)

English (US)
Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)

English (US)


Intel i3 4 Core 3.8 GHz (or equivalent)

Intel i5 4 Core 3.8 GHz (or equivalent)

Intel i7 8 Core 4 GHz (or equivalent)

Memory4 GB8 GB16 GB

DirectX 11 capable
graphics card, 1GB VRAM

DirectX 11/12 capable
graphics card, 2GB VRAM

DirectX 12 capable
graphics card, 3GB VRAM


Prerequisite Installations


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