Introduction to SpinFire for Office

SpinFire Ultimate Office is Microsoft Office add-ins for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which allow insertion of a SpinFire .ACT3D file your document, spreadsheet, or presentation. 

It also allows the insertion of Design Data information, such as Parts lists, Names, and Markups, as well as Volume, Surface Area, and Bounding Box information.

Once inserted, the representative Image can be activated so that the SpinFire Ultimate application will run directly in the Office document.

The Office document can be saved and sent to others who can open the document and activate the embedded .ACT3D file.  The recipient must first have the SpinFire Ultimate (11.4.1 or greater) application installed, otherwise the embedded .ACT3D files will not activate.  It can be either the free or a licensed seat of SpinFire Ultimate.

To activate the embedded SpinFire document;

  • In Excel and Word, Double-click the image
    • Click outside SpinFire to de-activate
  • In PowerPoint, go into Slide show, and when you get to the SpinFire slide, double-click the image
    • Click outside SpinFire to de-activate and proceed to next slide

With SpinFire Ultimate Office,