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11.10.0 Scripting Improvements

Actify made the following scripting improvements to help manage your data and workspace seessions.

Reset the section planes to their original position and rotation

When using the sectioning feature of SpinFire Ultimate, the user can move and roatate the section plane. Reseting it to its original state is not simple.

A user can use scripting to quickly and easily reset the state of the section plane(s).

Reset Section Planes Script Example

import spinfirescript as sfs


Export Points with Names and X,Y, Z location to .csv file

When a CAD file containing points is loaded and importing the points, the user can now obtain a list of those exported to a .CSV file via scripting.

The items exported are,

  • Point Name

  • Point X-Coordinate

  • Point Y-Coordinate

  • Point Z-Coordinate

  • Unit Type (example: mm)

The two scripting calls are.

  • ExportAllPoints

  • ExportSelectedPoints

Export All Points Information Script Example

import spinfirescript as sfs

Shift+Enter functions as Enter in the Scripting Console

Rather than intrepretting a Shift+Enter key combination as input, SpinFire Ultimate now interprets this to go to the next line.

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