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End of Support Notification

This is to inform our customer base and provide adequate time to those that may be affected by the end of support of specific items, We encourage all of our customers to contact us in case one or more of the below changes causes major problems to them.

Windows 7 SP1 End of Support

Because Windows 7 reaches its end of life and mainstream support in January 2020 from Microsoft, it will no longer be fully supported by SpinFire Ultimate in future releases.

Actify tests and certifies our software to meet the Microsoft operating systems that are supported and commonly in use.

We encourage all our customers to update to a later Windows version, such as Windows 10.

This end of support does not mean that existing SpinFire Ultimate releases will stop working on Windows 7, but any issues will need to be re-created in a newer Windows environment for issue reports.

Actify understands that the use of Windows 7 is still wide-spread among our customer base and will provide best efforts to address any critical issues through the end of March 2020.

DirectX 9 driver option will be removed in version 11.8.0

Released in 2002, DirectX 9 is 17 years old. Therefore, we are announcing the removal of our DirectX 9 driver in our next major release, 11.8.0.

Actify is researching support for other drivers for newer graphics SDKs, such as Vulkan and DirectX 12 while improving other existing drivers, such as DirectX 11.

End of 32-bit version support in 11.9.0

The vast majority of our customers use the 64-bit version of SpinFire Ultimate. The 11.8.x release series will be the last one to support 32-bit version of SpinFire Ultimate.

Please note that our Microsoft Office integration will still support 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office.

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