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SpinFire Ultimate 11.3.0 Release Notes


SpinFire Ultimate 11.3.0 improves on the 11.2.0 release with the addition of several new features, a set of smaller enhancements as well as a number of fixes.

Added Features 

  • Wall Thickness analysis by Color
  • Curvature analysis
  • Undo/redo measurements and markups
  • 2D line tools
  • Export notes and markups
  • Add custom metadata in Properties
  • HPGL Importer
  • Re-tessellate models in the current work space
  • Surface Point to Circle Tangent Angle
  • Create new 3D document
  • Print Region

  • Print options for print preview

  • Align models

Additional Improvements

  • The Draft Angle Analysis minimum and maximum color values are incorrect.
  • Add the ability to create a new coordinate system in the exploded assembly tool.
  • Implement importing imported models from ACT3D files.

  • Implement importing markups from ACT3D files.

  • Implement importing user views from ACT3D files.

  • Implement importing transformations from ACT3D files.

  • Export section profile to a 2D document.
  • Ability to Reload and Unload subassemblies.
  • Add exporting of  Stamps and Materials to an Excel format.

  • Limit the number of undo/redo steps.
  • Support CATIA 3DXML 2014x, 2015x and 2016x. (2D models are not supported yet).

  • Make the nav cube enabled by default.


An internal review of the add/delete function for parts from the assembly tree determined the feature is not ready for this version of SpinFire Ultimate. We know this feature is important and are actively working on the integrity. Actify plans to make it available in an interim release before 11.4.0.

Bug Fixes 

  • 2D Models

    • Embedded EMF file is misplaced.

  • 3D Notes

    • 3D Note getting extra space in text after letter "e" in some cases.

    • Markup and note comments are misplaced when Windows text size is larger.
  • Add Document

    • A confirmation dialog is missing when adding a document for a model and closing it.

  • AutoCAD

    • A DXF file is not importing correctly.

  • AutoNote

    • Solid names are displayed after applying Auto Note instead of Parts names.

  • Boundary Volume by Surfaces

    • It is possible to add the same surface many times in list in Boundary Volume by Surfaces dialog.

    • An error occurs when selecting the same surfaces for Seed and Blocking sets in Boundary Volume by Surfaces.

    • Canceling Boundary Volume by Surfaces before completing leaves the part translucent.

  • CAD Views

    • The Default CAD View causes the Show Cut Material check box to be out of sync.

    • Severe slowdown switching Between Standard Views and CAD Views.

    • Transparency is displayed incorrectly after applying Default CAD View.

  • Color Palette

    • Reset to Default button is enabled in Color Palettes dialog when there are no changes.

  • Conversion

    • Reset To Default button overlaps Convert button in Convert dialog after decreasing size of the dialog to minimum.

    • Converted file could be replaced with the same file without a notification.

    • Conversion process isn't removed from Task Manager after uncompleted conversion was removed from the list.

    • 2D .3D read failure for CGM/TIFF files converted from SpinFire 8.

  • Coordinate Systems

    • Standard views with user defined coordinate systems are wrong.

    • Standard View does not use current Coordinate System.

  • Draft Angle Analysis

    • Fields are filled with grey color while Draft Angle Analysis in progress in Dark theme.

    • Viewer hangs after closing Draft Angle Analysis dialog when Analyze was made for a big model.

    • Impossible to cancel Analyze of Draft Angle.

  • Exploded Assemblies

    • Unable to apply transformations on some files.

    • Incorrect method name in combo box for Exploded Assembly.

    • Close button is missing for Exploded Assembly dialog.
  • Export CAD

    • Crash occurs exporting a SolidWorks file that was loaded as the assembly tree only.

    • Export to HSF does not work.

    • Fix export of imported models.

    • Exporting to STEP from an open "Shattered Assembly" file results in empty exported files.
  • Import Document

    • Error occurs when try to import ACT3D file with Bounding Box measurements.

    • Occasionally two similar markups are imported instead of one.

    • Importing .ACT3D does not import styles and markups.

    • Import Inventor part attribute data.

  • Importer Page

    • When using Recursive Search Exchange does not use the current folder

    • PMI does not respect color specified in settings.

    • Incorrect loading only assembly tree when Importers Option Construction and References is Import and Show.

  • Library
    • Import and Add Document are available on the Library context menu when a file is not selected.

    • The copy context menu item is enabled when no file has been selected in library.

    • Shift works as Ctrl in Library files list.

    • Background of a pasted item is white instead gray in Library context menu in specific case.

    • Changing themes more than two times causes library files to be not selectable.

  • Licensing

    • Cannot delete license server data.

  • Markup Page

    • An icon is missing in Markups tree for Surface Point to Circle Tangent Angle.

    • Context menu for the root nodes in Markups tree does not work.

  • Markups

    • Markup comments can remain on the screen.

    • Export of markups and notes is missing in 2D models.

    • Markup label is bound to point of coordinate origin in Minimum Thickness measurement.

    • Markup dialog boxes appear on wrong monitor.

    • Notification is missing after exporting Markups or Notes when saved file have the same name as existed.

    • File is overwritten without notification when Export Markups or Notes.

  • Measurements

    • The Surface point to Circle Tangent Angle Measurement ends abruptly after selecting an arc on a specific model.

    • Incorrect highlighting of the first selected edge for Two Edges Angle measurement.

    • Impossible to select a measurement using keyboard.

    • Impossible to find the midpoint on line in 2D SolidWorks model in a specific case.

    • Boundary Area: null pointer crash occurs.

    • The edge of the previous measurement is highlighted instead of model edge for Two Edges Angle measurement.

    • Minimum bounding box is not correct.

  • Model Compare

    • SFXI-3989 Tolerance is filled with grey color in Model Compare dialog when Type is Visual and the theme is Dark

    • SFXI-4428 Models disappear after importing model with Model Compare user view

    • SFXI-3987 Support of Palette Colors feature is missing for Model Compare

    • SFXI-3980 No space between check box and label in Model Compare dialog when theme is Classic

  • Open File

    • ACT3D file fails to open with an empty 3D document.

    • SF10 items are misplaced when loading into SF11.

    • Crash opening ACT3D model.

    • Exception on Abort of opening document.

    • "Load only assembly tree" is slow.

  • Orthographic Views

    • Parts disappear when 4 View ports is enabled and select a part in any view.

  • Part List

    • Incorrect Parts List is being generated on some files.

  • Partial Loading

    • After importing sub assemblies no geometry is displayed.

    • Unload sub assembly hangs.

    • All identical parts are unloaded when only one was selected if model was loaded as Only Assembly Tree.

    • Only Assembly tree loads incorrectly when Hidden objects Importers option was enabled.

    • Sub assemblies are not displayed after importing non-loaded parts.

  • PMI

    • Extra annotation planes are displayed when selecting a defined view.

  • Print

    • Error occurs when pressing the Print button several times successively in Parts List dialog.

    • Printing Landscape on Canon Printer misplaces image.

    • Vertical printouts are being chopped.

  • Print Preview

    • Context menu commands "Copy" and "Find" do not work in Print Preview.

    • Template settings from Section Profile Export Options aren't applied to Print Preview.

  • Projection Area

    • Calculation of Projection Area seems incorrect and getting different values when section cut is not outside part.

  • Render Mode

    • The line color of the model is lost in triangle mesh or wire frame render modes when sectioning is enabled.

    • The asterisk is not displayed when change Render Mode from toolbar.

    • The Smooth With Edges rendering mode does not consider specific color of some edges.

  • Save/Load

    • Add a close confirmation dialog when closing a file after transformation.

    • Changes are not saved when closing a work space after adding model.

    • Asterisk is displayed when changes aren't applied to model.

    • Confirmation Save As dialog shows up after file was deleted.

    • EMF file fails to load while stuck in loading prompt.

    • Support for direct opening of EMF files.

    • Error occurs when saving a model with a markup.

    • Prompt for unsaved changes to a view.
  • Sectioning

    • Default CAD View causes Show Cut Material item to become out of sync.

    • Z-fighting can occur with 3 plane sectioning.

    • STEP file crashes when sectioning.
  • Selection

    • Implement arc center point selection.

    • Cannot detect and measure some arcs in NX file.

    • Selection for transforming and exploded assembly is not correct.

  • Snapshots

    • Snapshot icon is enabled while new model is loading.

    • Snapshot icon is disabled for 3D model after loading 2D model.

  • Standard Views

    • Standard view view port name gets corrupt for Asian languages.

  • Transformations

    • Transform graphic stays on-screen.

    • SpinFire crashes or works slower when try to transform some part in specific model when 4 View ports mode was enabled

    • The transformation bounding box and grips appear in the original location of a transformed model.

    • Transform menu item disappears from context menu for parts.

  • Translations

    • Labels of selected sets are not translated dynamically.

    • Buttons overlap each other in Translations dialog when application language is German.

  • Tube Length

    • SFXI-4448 Tube centerline length not calculating correctly

    • SFXI-3359 A tube length measurement doesn't finish on the CFL part

  • UI

    • Sort order ignored for Copy/Export.

    • Menu application items are not highlighted with grey color in Dark theme when mouse hover on them.

    • Highlighting of menu items is incorrect after changing themes.

    • Impossible to recognize numbers in disabled position fields for global coordinates when application theme is Dark.

    • Selection color is incorrect in Modern themes when select tool bar menu item.

    • Incorrect color of selection for window command buttons in Classic theme.

    • The measurement dialog is stretched a lot when long path was set as hyperlink.

    • Incorrect size of viewer busy indicator when size of text is Medium.

    • Progress bar is missing when model is saved after closing the model with Close menu item

  • Undo

    • Copy" throws off the undo/redo counter.

    • Gray vertical band is displayed in Undo/Redo list for Classic theme.

  • User Views

    • User View becomes the Startup view automatically.

  • Void Volume

    • Void volume fails to calculate on a specific model.

Upgrading from 11.2.0 to 11.3.0

To upgrade SpinFire Ultimate from 11.2.0 to 11.3.0:

  1. Launch and run the SpinFire.x64.msi (or the SpinFire.x64.exe) and follow the installation wizard instructions. 

  2. Select Check for Updates from the Help menu if you have an Internet connection and are upgrading form 11.1 or greater.

See SpinFire Ultimate Known Issues

Supported Environments

Client EnvironmentMinimumRecommendedOptimum
Operating System

Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit)
Windows 8 (64-bit) 
Windows 8 (32-bit)
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2012

Windows 8 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (64-bit) 
Windows 8 (64-bit)
OS Language Supported

English (US)
Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)

English (US)

English (US)



Intel i3 4 Core 4 GHz (or equivalent)

Intel i5 4 Core 4 GHz (or equivalent)

Intel i7 8 Core 4 GHz (or equivalent)

Memory4 GB8 GB16 GB

DirectX 11 capable
graphics card, 1GB VRAM

DirectX 11 capable
graphics card, 2GB VRAM

DirectX 11 capable
graphics card, 3GB VRAM


Prerequisite Installations


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