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SpinFire Ultimate 11.4.0 Release Notes


SpinFire Ultimate 11.4.0 introduces connectivity to an organization's Centro catalog allowing users to download and open CAD files through the SpinFire Ultimate. In addition, there are improvements to printing, the 2D workspace, and a number of bug fixes.

Added Features 

  • 2D Tools

    • 2D Rectangular tool 

    • 2D Rounded Rectangle tool

    • 2D Oval tool

  • Export to 2D and 3D DXF

  • Connection to a Centro instance

    • Open Centro catalog parts from the SpinFire Ultimate library

  • Radius Curvature Analysis

  • Add ability to edit the names of the Standard Views

  • Application to lock ACT3D files when opened
  • In Print Preview, the ability to turn off: 
    • header, 
    • footer, 
    • background, 
    • notes, 
    • dimensions, 
    • coordinate systems, 
    • annotations, 
    • axis triad, 
    • navigation cube, 
    • grid, and 
    • scale bar

Notable Changes

  • Ability to disable Check for Updates menu item.
  • Associate .3D files on double click.
  • Undo/redo mark up properties.
  • Add option to right-mouse-button locate and load the missing part.
  • Add entry for SpinFire Professional files on the Importers page.
  • Ctrl-C in 3D work space copies image to the clipboard.
  • Ability to Search in the Part Properties dialog.
  • Add Volume and Surface Area to Parts List Export.
  • Import Settings.
    • Added Sew (heal 3D models).
    • Added Front Facing PMI.
    • Added Embedded Tessellation (for Inventor).

Bug Fixes 

  • 2D Models
    • CATDrawing does not open.

    • NX file xxxxxxxxx.prt does not open.

    • 2D NX file is stuck during loading.

    • Unreadable tiny text in CATDrawing.

    • NX assembly does not load.

    • Parse HPGL Default Values instruction.

    • Two HPGL files do not draw correctly.

    • The orientation of "circles" is incorrect.

    • Parse HPGL Line Attributes instruction.

    • Parse HPGL Initialize instruction.

    • Parse HPGL Define Label Terminator instruction.

  • 3D Models
    • Fix ignoring alpha values messages for AutoCAD files.

    • Cannot open ACT3D file from large STEP file.

    • SpinFire Ultimate hangs when opening specific model.

    • Confirmation dialog is missing after missing part was loaded.

    • Extra items appear by default in CATIA V5 assembly.

    • Search sub directories during import does not work.

    • Crash when trying to open files on specific machines.

  • Add/Delete Part
    • Add New Part should make the parent an Assembly.

    • Improve Add Part performance.

    • New part isn't added at first time in specific model.

    • Error occurs when trying to add a new part.

    • Cannot calculate physical property on instanced solid after deleting one instance.

    • Annotation Planes aren't displayed after deleting solid.

    • Only one solid is deleted instead of several selected which have one parent.

    • Deleted model appears after reopening ACT3D file.

    • Parts are missing when delete items from big assembly.

    • Impossible to delete parent Set after several children deletions.

    • Deleted part is displayed in viewer when deleting part from .3D file.

    • All annotations disappear in viewer when delete only one solid.

    • Impossible to enable section after solid was deleted when part contains several solids.

    • Extra solid is deleted in specific model.

    • Annotation planes aren't deleted with deleted part in specific case.

    • Confirmation dialog is missing when closing document after deleting assembly item.

  • Annotations
    • Annotations are missing after loading missing part.

    • Annotations aren't displayed in Annotations tree after loading missing parts.

  • Application Settings
    • Language in Application Settings gets out of sync when using Language shortcut.

    • Impossible to change application theme.

    • Changing Theme freezes the application.

  • Assembly Tree
    • Assembly tree isn't updated after loading missing part.

    • Impossible to collapse assembly tree with mouse in specific case.

    • Part name isn't changed in context menu dynamically after renaming.

    • Impossible to hide a part after loading missing part in specific model.

    • Column stretches independently in assembly and annotation trees in specific case.

  • AutoSpin
    • Models disappear randomly with AutoSpin and section changes.

  • Boundary Volume by Surfaces
    • Boundary Volume by Surfaces crashes when open  measurement dialog if Scene was hidden.

  • Color Picker
    •  A-channel is missing in some Color dialog boxes.

    • Box for color channel is stretched a lot when entering big value.

  • Conversion
    • Annotations are missing when converting JT to 3D PDF.

    • PMI option should be disabled for AP 203 and AP 214 STEP export.

    • Incorrect highlight color for Conversion button in Library in classic theme after changing modern theme to classic.

  • Curvature Analysis
    • Show smallest non-zero Radius in Curvature Analysis.

    • Impossible to change Zero color when Curvature Type is Radius.

    • Use Radius instead of Minimum/Maximum Radius in Curvature Analysis.

    • Add Curvature Analysis option to display Radius instead of Curvature.

    • Wall Thickness and Curvature Analysis are always applied to the first selection.

    • Improve curvature method for files with B-Rep data.

    • An unspecified color appears in the curvature analysis results.

  • Draft Angle Analysis
    • Ability to use Section with Draft Angle Analysis.

    • Draft Angle Analysis does not work correctly with .ACT3D file.

    • Show cut material option is reset after Draft Angle Analysis. 

    • Draft Angle analysis has a slightly different measurement between SpinFire Professional and SpinFire Ultimate.

  • Export CAD
    • Exporting CATProduct to STEP is missing some PMI.

  • Library
    • Incorrect documents stay selected in Library after window selection in tiles mode. 

    • Two items can be selected in Library in specific case.

    • Selected element isn't highlighted in Library.

    • Slider for tiles contains unexpected tick. 

    • Tiles aren't scrolled with mouse wheel in Library. 

    • All selected files are opened when double click on any selected file in Library.

  • Licensing
    • Floating License not working on specific machine.

    • Floating license is working with SpinFire Professional but not with SpinFire Ultimate.

  • Markups
    • Comments aren't displayed for Bounding Box markup. 

    • Last Modified date isn't changed for Pasted markup. 

    • Markup create-delete-undo sequence crashes.

    • Markups are added incorrectly when sorting was applied to markups tree. 

    • Status of root check boxes isn't updated in Markups tree after importing models with markups/notes/coordinate systems. 

    • When editing markups they highlight in yellow and cannot be seen. 

    • Markup label is bound to point of coordinate origin in Minimum Thickness measurement. 

    • Comments are displayed in unexpected place for markups. 

    • Ability to copy/paste.

    • Tool-tip is cropped in Markups tree.

    • Tool-tip isn't updated in Markups tree.

  • Minimum Bounding Box
    • Add Minimum Bounding Box to Parts List.
  • Minimum Distance
    • Measurement dialog doesn't contain axis for selection for  Minimum Distance Between Two Surfaces.
  • Model Compare
    • Measuring Surface Area of Model Compare results causes hang.

    • Colored buttons are flashing in Model Compare dialog after Color dialog was closed.

    • Model compare color changes do not work when the slider dialog is open.

  • News
    • Permanent crash when using empty custom news channel.
  • Open SpinFire Professional .3D Files
    • SpinFire Professional .3D vectored TIFF files are displayed flipped.

    • SpinFire Professional file does not open.

    • Vectorized TIFF .3D file loads upside-down and has misplaced 2D rectangle markups.

    • Load 2D Oval tool markups from SpinFire Professional files.

    • Text isn't loaded for rectangle markup from specific files created in SpinFire Professional.

    • Line width isn't imported from SpinFire Professional for rectangle markup.

    • .3D file with imported files is not loaded correctly.

  • Parts List
    • Incorrect Parts List table background color with dark theme while physical properties are calculated.

    • Incorrect volume is displayed in Parts List for specific model.

    • Cancel button is disabled when physical properties are loaded in Parts List dialog. 

    • Rows are misplaced when disable physical properties in Parts List.

    • Add volume and surface area to Parts List export.

  • Print
    • Orientation in Print Properties doesn't work.

    • Ability to print in printer supported paper sizes.

    • Header and footer information get clipped or are missing on print.

  • Print Preview
    • Impossible to apply template in Print Preview dialog.

    • Implement changing zoom with the mouse wheel in Print Preview dialog.

    • White band is displayed in Paper Size list in Print Preview. 

    • Markers are displayed larger in Print Preview for ACT3D model.

    • Custom margins may need to be updated after device selection.

    • Hidden annotations become visible after opening Print Preview.

    • Print Preview hangs when removing the template which is used in it.

    • Empty tool-tip is displayed in Print Preview.

    • Document crashes after closing print preview in specific case.

    • Print Preview of a single view in quad layout is incorrect.

    • Page orientation isn't inherited from Print Options to Print Preview.

    • Selected assembly disappears in Print Preview. 

    • Print Region clip rectangle should be preserved when scaling.

    • ESC should cancel print preview.

    • Incorrect rounding of number inputted in Scale field Print Preview dialog.

    • Restart a search from the beginning of document in Print Preview.

  • Print Region
    • Printing 1:1 Scale not working for Print Region.

    • Print Region image loses its shape when any changes are made.

  • Rotate
    • Dramatic slow down when selecting items.
  • Section Profile
    • Cannot sort profiles by perimeter or area.

    • Add busy indicator with cancel option when calculating section profiles.

    • Change section profiles top left checkbox to a three state one.

    • Copy and Export Section Profile should be disabled when none selected.

    • Unexpected section profile is displayed for big model.

  • Sectioning
    • Incorrect relative coordinate system specified in Define Section dialog .

    • Section cut for ACT3D from 11.2.0 and custom Coordinate System is not working.

    • Document crashes when try to enable section after deleting part in specific model.

    • Section Align and Place By options no longer work.

    • All planes when doing more than one section cut do not use the current coordinate system.

    • Default section cut not using current coordinate system.

    • Document crashes occasionally when section is enabled.

    • Removing profile faces on the xxxxxxxxx.CATPart does not work correctly.

    • Section cut incorrect after turning cut material off and back on.

  • Stamps
    • Highlight color for stamps and shapes is taken from 3D viewer settings.
  • Standard Views
    • Style of Layouts button is not the same with the style of other buttons in modern theme.
  • Surface Normal
    • Hard to recognize normal to  surface for some models.
  • Thickness measurement
    • New part isn't added after calculating Thickness.

    • Model crashes when apply Thickness measurement after part was deleted.

  • Transformations
    • Transformation is applied to open shell in specific case.

    • SpinFire Ultimate crashes or works slowly when try to transform a part in specific model when 4 viewports mode was enabled.

  • Tube Length
    • Ignore hidden geometry when using Auto Complete in Tube Length.

    • NaN result of Tube Length calculation. 

    • Units and decimal places are missing in Tube Length context menu.

    • Auto complete in Tube Length measurement freezes working with model.

    • Tube length markup context menu is missing Units and Decimal Places sub-menus.

    • NaN result of Tube Length calculation happens in specific case when turn off Auto complete. 

    • NaN result of Tube length calculation when select specific arcs.

    • Incorrect ACT3D auto completed Tube Length.

    • Tube length measurement results are different for the same item when measuring direction is changed and file is ACT3D. 

    • Tube Length measurement isn't working between arcs which are located on the same plane.

    • Tube Length is measured in different way for the same part of model in STEP and ACT3D.

  • UI
    • Un-select parts after context-menu actions.

    • Incorrect color of Password field in Centro settings during testing server connection in modern theme.

    • Cross button isn't highlighted when pressed.

    • Progress indicator is missing while missing parts are loaded.

    • Busy Indicator does not enable Cancel when launched from a modal window.

    • ESC should only cancel one level.

    • The properties button does not behave the same as the right-mouse-button > Properties command on multiple selections.

    • Labels are clipped in analysis dialog boxes when the theme of application is classic.

    • Busy indicator window is wider than the size of main window in specific case.

    • Drop down menu is displayed incorrectly for some toolbar items when open it with keyboard for the first time.

    • Make sliders behavior consistent.

    • Zoom window on a thin sliver of select region causes view to be stuck.
    • Print region of four view ports displays cross-layers instead of selected region of defined view.
  • Undo
    • Undo color in view ports is inconsistent.
  • User Views
    • Expanding a User View should not activate it.

    • User Views and markups trees are sorted by Created/Last modified fields in unusual way.

  • Volume Calculation
    • Volume markup is placed incorrectly after second time.

    • When calculating volume, markup shows up behind part.

  • Wall Thickness
    • Use isotropic re-meshing for flat surfaces in Wall Thickness.

    • Wall thickness analysis fails to calculate for specific model.

    • Wall thickness analysis create user view is disabled.

    • Wall thickness selection of parts shows remnants of previous selections.

    • Impossible to analyze wall thickness second time after part was selected at the first time.

  • Weight Calculator
    • Selected material combo box isn't updated after updating materials list.

    • SpinFire Ultimate version is displayed instead of material in selected material field when shared settings enabled.

    • Viewer crashes when opening file after all materials were deleted from materials dialog.

    • Application crashes using volume and weight calculator.

Upgrading from 11.3.0/11.3.1 to 11.4.0

To upgrade SpinFire Ultimate from 11.3.0/11.3.1 to 11.4.0

  1. Launch and run the SpinFire.x64.msi (or the SpinFire.x64.exe) and follow the installation wizard instructions. 

  2. Select Check for Updates from the Help menu if you have an Internet connection and are upgrading form 11.1 or greater.

See SpinFire Ultimate Known Issues

Supported Environments

Client EnvironmentMinimumRecommendedOptimum
Operating System

Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit)
Windows 8 (64-bit) 
Windows 8 (32-bit)
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2012

Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows 8 (64-bit) 
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 8 (64-bit) 
Windows 10 (64-bit)
OS Language Supported

English (US)
Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)

English (US)
Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)

English (US)


Intel i3 4 Core 3.8 GHz (or equivalent)

Intel i5 4 Core 3.8 GHz (or equivalent)

Intel i7 8 Core 4 GHz (or equivalent)

Memory4 GB8 GB16 GB

DirectX 11 capable
graphics card, 1GB VRAM

DirectX 11 capable
graphics card, 2GB VRAM

DirectX 11/12 capable
graphics card, 3GB VRAM


Prerequisite Installations


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