The Application Settings in the Admin area helps to enable/disable features within Centro. This area will have additional features to set in the future.


Allow New Tags by Non-Administrators

Enable to allow users to create tags in the Catalog.

  1. Check the Allow non-administrators to create Tags check box to enable.
  2. Click Save.
Allow Pipelines to Create Tags

Enable to allow pipelines to create tags.

  1. Check the Allow pipeline actions to create Tags check box to enable.
  2. Click Save.
Require Check-In Comments

Enable to making comments mandatory upon check-in with Centro Control.

  1. Check the Require Check In Comments check box to enable.
  2. Click Save.
Enable Registration

Allow or forbid user self-registration.

NOTE: For multi-location installations, the "CentroPool" Application Pool must be recycled for this change to be applied immediately. Otherwise it might take a full day to be applied.

  1. Check the Allow User Registration checkbox.
  2. Click Save.
Enable Resetting Passwords

Allow or forbid resetting passwords from the login page.

NOTE: Consider disabling the resetting passwords feature when using LDAP users as LDAP user passwords are not reset through the Centro system.

  1. Check the Allow Reset Password from Login Page checkbox.
  2. Click Save.
Setting Inactivity Timeout

Set the threshold to log out a user.when their session is idle. The default is 20 minutes.

  1. Enter in the number of minutes of inactivity a user is permitted before automatically being logged out of the system.
  2. Click Save.


Note: Enter 0 to have no time out.


When your session is about to be timed out due to inactivity, a warning message will appear allowing you to prevent the auto-log off.

If you've prevented the auto-log off then the system will indicate so.

Otherwise, you'll be logged out of the system and will need to log back in.

Sign in Attempts Before Lockout

Set the number of failed attempts before locking a user's account. The default is 0 which disables the feature.

  1. Enter in the number of attempts a user is permitted before locking their account.
  2. Click Save.
Set a Minimum Password Length

Set the minimum number of characters a password must contain.

  1. Enter in the number of characters a user must used when creating or changing a password.
  2. Click Save.