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Administration Area

Use the administration area to configure users, roles, projects, and settings along good IT practices to ensure the appropriate levels of security, data loss mitigation, and downtime mitigation.


See the following areas in managing security within Centro 7. Utilize Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and organization password policies to enhance security.

  • Managing Users
    Managing Users
    Create user accounts and assign roles and projects to control user accessibility. Adds, edits, and deactivation within the Catalog are tracked with user accounts, allowing organizations to easliy control users' access.
  • Managing Roles
    Managing Roles
    Use Centro roles to control users' access to application features and functionality. Specify which users can start pipelines, edit pipelines, or even view pipelines.
  • Managing Projects
    Projects control which Catalog parts are viewable by users.  

Mitigating Data Loss and Downtime

Utilize IT practices of RAID server architecture, timely back up schedules, and disk space monitoring to help mitigate data loss and downtime.

It is also recommended to pipeline runs to (N - 1) concurrent jobs, where N is the number of CPU cores available. Avoid overtaxing server resources.

Also see Centro 7 help on how to perform system back ups and restorations.



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