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AzureAD Login

If your organization is configured for and your account imported, you can login to Cento using your Microsoft credentials.

Microsoft account passwords and security are governed by Microsoft software and are not saved within Centro databases.

The Login page differs from Centro’s normal login page where one can login with either your

  • Microsoft credentials or

  • Centro credentials

To login using Microsoft credentials

  1. On the Centro login page, click Sign in with Mircrosoft.

    1. If you are already signed in to your Microsoft account on your system, you are taken directly into Centro (single sign-on).

    2. If you are not signed in to your Microsoft account, you will need to fulfill the requirements to do so.
      Your organization’s security level may differ as you may be asked to

      1. Enter your username

      2. Enter your password

      3. Respond to multi-factor authentication

      4. Fullfill your organization’s additional conditional access requirements.

Log Out

When you log out of Centro, you remain logged in to Microsoft.

If you wish to force logging out of Microsoft, use the following link.

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