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Getting Started for Centro Users

Sign In

Using a web browser, navigate to the Centro URL provided by your organization. If you do not already have your login credentials reach out to your Systems Administrator to obtain your username and password.

If your organization uses Microsoft logins, see AzureAD Login .

User Preferences

To change your user preferences click on the upper right corner where the user name appears.

The following list of items appears under the user name menu:

  • Manage
    Change your password. 

  • Preferences
    Configure personal preferences such as default mass units, length units, home page and language.

  • Admin
    Use this to access the administrator features.

  • About
     Get version information.

  • Set as Homepage
    Set a custom homepage.

  • Log off

Reset Password

The Login page also provides a means to obtain a forgotten password. 

To use Forgot your password:

  1. Click on Forgot your password ?

  2. Select Username or Email address.

  3. Enter account details.

    1. For Username, enter the username and click Submit.

    2. For Email, enter the email address and click Submit.

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