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Set as Homepage

When logging into Centro or when clicking on the Centro logo, the user is taken to their home page. There are three pre-set home pages depending on one's permissions (Admin, Pipeline Manager, Catalog [default] ).

You can personalize your home page anywhere in the application if so desired with the use of the Set as Homepage feature. Set your homepage to the Catalog Search page, Catalog Projects page, a SpinFire Web view, or a specific Catalog Part.

To set a custom home page

  1. Navigate to the page of your liking.
  2. From the user menu, select Set as homepage.

Note: Setting your homepage to a specific Catalog Part is convenient but if the Catalog Part is ever removed from the system then you'll land on part cannot be found message.

To set the home page back to the Catalog home page

  1. From the user menu, select Preferences.
  2. Change  Select a Landing Page to Catalog.
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