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Centro Licensing

Centro 7 requires a license file to perform conversions to ACT3D and CAD2CAD.

If you have purchased a previous version of Centro7 or are using a trial version, follow the steps below to obtain the required file.

Steps to license your Centro installation

  1. Acquire your computer ID from the server that will contain the Pipeline Host Service.

  2. Send the computer ID to your Actify representative.

  3. Install the license file on your server.

Obtaining Your Computer ID

  1. Save the SpinFire.ComputerID.exe to a location on the server.

  2. Open a command prompt.

  3. Navigate to the location where the .exe is saved.

  4. Type SpinFire.ComputerID.exe.

  5. Press Enter.

Installing the License File

Once you receive the license file from your Actify representative:

  1. On the server locate the folder, C:\ProgramData\Actify\SpinFire11\

  2. Move the file to this location.

WARNING: Do not apply a floating license to Centro. This is not supported and will cause unwanted results.

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