Add comments when checking in files to provide context to other users on what has changed or why items have changed.

To make comments mandatory on check-in, see Require Check-In Comments.

To add comments

  1. Check in a new version of a file.

  2. After selecting the file, add comments in the Comments field.

Viewing comments

To view individual comments,

  1. Click on the history button to bring up the list of versions.

    Versions that have a comment is indicated with a speech bubble icon. 

  2. Select the version to view.

    Comments are listed along with tags near the bottom of the dialog window.

To view comments on one page,

  1. Click on the Centro Control menu.

  2. Select Show comments.

  3. Comments are bordered and listed in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Scroll to see older comments if necessary.