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Configure Maximum Jobs for the Pipeline Host

The server the Pipeline Host service runs on can be overwhelmed with the number of jobs being executed at once. Overwhelming the server can result in jobs taking longer to complete than expected due to resource contention.

To prevent this, Centro allows system administrators to configure pipeline hosts with a maximum number of synchronous jobs.

The current maximum concurrent jobs is viewed from the Pipeline Manager page by hovering the mouse over the information symbol.

To Configure Maximum Jobs

  1. On the server where the Pipeline Host service is installed, open the file,

    C:\Program Files\Actify\Centro\PipelineHostService\Configuration\appSettings.config

  2. Find the key, MaxConcurrentJobs.

  3. Change the value to the maximum number of jobs.

    Note: It is recommended to use N-1 where N is the number of CPU cores available on the system.

    By default, the Pipeline Host service is configured with the value of 0. This is an "auto" setting detecting the number of CPUs and using N-1.

  1. Save the file.

  2. Restart the Centro | Pipeline Host service.

  3. View the new configured maximum jobs on the Pipeline Manager page by hovering the mouse over the information symbol next to the associated endpoint.

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