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Configuring Temporary File Location

In Centro, the web application, pipeline host service, and pipeline manager service create temporary files as part of its normal operation. The location may be important to your IT department in managing space on the server(s).

The location can be easily changed in the config file.

To Change the Location for Centro Temporary Files

  1. Open the centroSettings.config to edit.

  2. Find the TempFolderLocation key.

  3. Change the value to the new folder.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Restart the service.

Recommendation: The temporary files created by Centro are used and disposed of but when used they should be easily and quickly accessible. It is recommended to use a location where,

  • there's plenty of free space,

  • the drive is quick for reading and writing of files, and

  • to resist using network shares to avoid network delays.

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