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Facet Browser

Centro offers a different way to traverse your organization's data. Coupled with project custom properties, property sets and projects, the facet browser helps you view the data from selected perspectives. 

Consider each property or custom property a facet where data is shown based on how it is related to that facet.

Setting Up Facet Browsing

The Centro facet browser pivots on information based on projects. The information you can fill out for projects is

  • Project Name*

  • Project Lead

  • Location*
    *required field

If these fields are filled in then an end user can then for instance, discover quickly

  • All the projects a selected project lead is working on  or

  • All the projects in a given location or

  • How many different locations a specified project lead is managing.

Adding Property Sets and Custom Properties

Project filtering allowed users to filter on properties and custom properties of projects. The Centro facet browser can n also browse using custom properties.

See Managing Project Custom Properties to configure custom properties, property sets, and projects.

To add additional facets,

  1. Navigate to the Facet Browser.

  2. Click on Facets.

  3. Select/deselect facets from the list to browse. The listed facets are project properties and custom properties.

  4. You are now ready to browse. Select the facet from the pull downs at the top of each column.

Example 1

In this simple example, we've configured project custom properties and a property set to some vehicle attributes to associate with projects. 

  • Year

  • Make

  • Model

  • Category

  • Horse Power

A the project custom properties are the associated with a property set named "car attributes".

Then for each applicable project, the property set is selected and each of the fields are filled with data.

From the facet browser, a user can now view

  • All the projects from a selected project lead, in a given year, with a given make.

  • Or how many SUVs have a horse power of 355 fps. 

  • If we add a status to the projects, we can determine which projects are Complete.

Example 2

In this simple example, we can replicate a portion of the c:\windows folder structure from a PC system. 

An end user can then navigate down the folder similar to using a file explorer. 

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