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Generate Physical Properties

The CAD tab in the Catalog Part view makes available physical properties and CAD attributes. If a new version or new CAD file is manually uploaded, Physical Properties will not appear in the CAD tab unless they are read and populated.

Users can read physical properties from the uploaded CAD file to populate the CAD tab.

To Generate Physical Properties for a new CAD File

  1. Right mouse click on the CAD file menu.

  2. Select Read Physical Properties. 

    (A pipeline job is sent to the Catalog Request Pipeline)

  3. Click the CAD tab.

  4. View data.

To Generate Physical Properties for a New Version

  1. Click Check In to check in a new version of a CAD file.

  2. Browse and select the the file.

  3. Click Physical Properties.

  4. Click Check In.

    Note: If you happen to miss the check box at check in, use the Read Physical Properties as described above.

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