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Project View

The Catalog project page provides organizations views into their data organized by their various projects. The project view page furthers this view into a specific project being able to

  • View top level parts

  • View all parts

  • View part counts

  • Filter based on custom project properties

  • View as a data grid

  • Export the project

To get to the Project View page

  1. Find the project on the Catalog Project page.

  2. Click the corresponding menu.

  3. Click Project View page.

Information Bar

The information bar shows,

  • Project name

  • Project status (archived/active)

  • Project lead

  • Location associated to the project

  • Project creation date

  • Last modified time

  • Favorited

  • Menu for the data grid and to export.

Project Properties

Configure  Project Custom Properties and filter based on these. See Managing Project Custom Properties

Top Level Parts / All Parts

View all the parts associated with the project based on top level assemblies or by individual parts.

Click on part names to go directly to the catalog part view.

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