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SpinFire Web

Centro 7.5.0 and greater utilizes new technology to better serve and view SpinFire Web files. This will also allow Actify to build more functionality into SpinFire Web moving forward. This new SpinFire Web uses .scs files but can view the older .hwf format. Deployment scripts automatically update your previous pipelines using the CAD to SpinFire Web action to use the new .scs format.

SpinFire Web allows you to view and comment on a 3D model. You can take a snapshot of the image at any time, save it to a file, and add it to the catalog.



Zoom in

Middle-click+Drag towards you

Rotate mouse the wheel away from you

Zoom out

Middle-click+Drag away from you

Rotate the mouse wheel toward you




The Assembly and Views browsers give you the option to search for and sort items.


Find an item in the browser tree. Search always performs a partial search.


Sort in alphabetical order when selected.

Assembly Browser
Assembly tree parts

Hide, show, and select parts in the assembly tree.


Hide and show any PMI data that's associated to the model.


Hide, show, and select measurements made in SpinFire Web.


Hide, show, and select Notes made in SpinFire Web.

Views Browser
Standard ViewsSwitch between Isometric, Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Right, and Left standard views.
User Views

When using the Draw Text tool, a markup is created in its own user view. The User Views selections enable you to view those markups.

The user view also contains the part camera view.

CAD ViewsIf the model contains a CAD view, it can be selected here.

Expand this tab by clicking on the orange tab

to view attributes about all its related files. Select and filter attributes to one's liking.

See SpinFire Web Attributes



Select a part to view the following:

  • Name
  • Parent
  • Surface Area
  • Volume
  • COM (Center of Mass)
Select Parent

Click to move to the parent of the part.


Turn a level of transparency on for the selected part.

Bounding Box

Select to show the axis-aligned bounding box.

Measurements and Notes


Click the Home button to reset the camera view back to the star.

PMI data

If the model contains PMI/GD&T data, toggle the information in the graphical view on and off.

Selection Mode

Select Element

Smart Edge

Surface Angle

Face Distance

Point to Point Distance

Set to use the mouse to select parts of the model.

Smart Edge Dimension Tool.

  1. Hover cursor over an edge
  2. Select edge
  3. Move cursor to position dimension

Surface Angle Dimension Tool.

  1. Select 1st planar surface
  2. Select 2nd planar surface
  3. Move cursor to position dimension

Face Distance Dimension Tool.

  1. Select 1st planar surface
  2. Select 2nd planar surface
  3. Move cursor Up/Down to position dimension
  4. Then move cursor Left/Right to position dimension

Point to Point Distance Tool.

  1. Select any surface for 1st point
  2. Select any surface for 2nd point
  3. Move cursor to position dimension

Draw a Circle

Draw a circle to highlight a given area.

  1. Click once to start the circle.
  2. Move the mouse to increase or decrease the diameter.
  3. Click again to finish.

Freehand Drawing

Use the Freehand Drawing tool to draw a line.

  1. Click to start.
  2. Move the mouse to draw a continuous line.
  3. Click again to finish.

Draw Rectangle

Draw a rectangle to highlight a given area.

  1. Right-click and drag the mouse to start the rectangle.
  2. Move the mouse to give it smaller or larger dimension.
  3. Click once again to finish.

Draw Text

Place text anywhere in the model and create an associated User View.

  1. Click to start.
  2. Click in the draw text windows to enter text.
  3. Enter text.
  4. Click elsewhere to stop text entry.
  5. Move to the desired location.
  6. Use the Select Element tool to finish.
  7. Click on the associated User View to view the drawn text.
Camera Mode

Orbit Part

Orbit Point

Turntable Camera

Take a Snapshot

Take a snapshot image of how the model appears on screen.


Rotate, zoom, pan, change background color, and set your measurements and markups before taking your snapshot.

  • Click the Download button to download the image as a .png file to your local drive. The default file name is capture.png.
  • Click the Add to Catalog button to add the image file as a new resource associated with the part.
    • Enter a name for the new resource.
    • Select the Set as Thumbnail checkbox to.
  • Click Close to exit.
Shared State Snapshot

Shared State Snapshot

Take a snapshot image of the current state of the model in SpinFire Web, add it with a comment to the Comments section to collaborate with others in your organization.

Disectioned Views


Select the X, Y, and/or Z axis to slice. One, two or all three planes can be used at once to section the model.

Left-mouse-drag a section plane to move it across the model.

Toggle the I button to flip the sectioning plane.

Exploded Assembly

Use the slider bar to increase the distance between parts and away from the center.

Render View

Perspective or orthographic projection

Click to toggle the project mode between perspective and orthographic.

Flat/Shaded (render mode)

Click to toggle the render mode between flat and shaded.

Change background color

Change the background color with a color selector.

Change Part ColorClick to select a color from the color picker to change the color of the selected part.


Enable the momentum to auto-spin the model.

Once enabled, hold the left mouse button down, move in a direction and release. The model will continue to spin.

The model spins at a rate based on the speed the mouse was moving when the button was released.

Axis TriadToggles the axis triad off and on.
UI Tools


Properties Toggle - Hide/show the properties when clicking on a part.

UI Toggle - Hide/show UI elements (browser, toolbars and tools)

Fullscreen Toggle - Click to view the model in the browser's full screen mode. (In most browsers, This can also be achieved with the F11 key.)


  • Use the breadcrumb path to navigate through pages you have visited.
  • Click Part View to return to the part view.

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