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Workaround for CadToSpinFireAction throwing IndexOutOfRangeException when running in Centro SDK

The CadToSpinFireAction may throw an exception when called from the SDK via the following method calls:

  • PerformAction()

  • PerformAction(Dictionary<string, object> options)

  • PerformCancellableAction(CancellationToken token)

  • PerformCancellableAction(Dictionary<string, object> options, CancellationToken token)

Customers can use the workaround detailed below until the issue is addressed in a future Centro release:


Call the PerformActionWithTimeout method with a job object created manually instead of directly calling any of the affected methods listed above.

For example:

ActionConfig actionConfig = new ActionConfig();

var job = new KitKat.Models.Job.Job(-1, "Pipeline/0", KitKat.Triggers.TriggerType.JobRequest);
ConfigResolver resolver = new ConfigResolver(job, actionConfig);

var action = new CadToSpinFireAction(actionConfig);
var result = action.PerformActionWithTimeout(job, resolver);

Note the "Pipeline/0", which can be anything with a forward slash in between, e.g. Pipeline/something. The part after the slash is used to compose a temporary folder for conversion.

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