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CAD Publisher Upgrade Procedures

  1. Confirm compatability of your current ArangoDB to the CAD Publisher you’re upgrading by checking the Compatability chart.

  2. Proceed to Upgrade the ArangoDB page

  3. Proceed to Upgrade your CAD Publisher page

NOTE - We recommend keeping your ArangoDB updated to the latest supported version for CAD Publisher as much as possible to reduce potential issues when upgrading the ArangoDB and CAD Publisher.

NOTE - It is strongly recommended that you back up your VMs/Servers prior to starting Point 2 and 3 to allow you the choice to revert back prior to the Upgrade procedure to allow you to repeat the instructions again in the cases of human error.

If you require the download links to the relevant ArangoDB versions, CAD Publisher or have any general questions please reach out to Actify’s Technical Support Team at or

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