The SpinFire Ultimate installation via the MSI file uses different parameters to mimic user choices through the installation wizard.

Below lists the available parameters.


Available Parameters

/qnRun the installation with without a UIn/a
/qbRun the installation with a reduced UIn/a
INSTALLDIRThe directory path to install SpinFire Ultimate

directory path in double quotes


TRANSFORMSSets the language see in the installation UI

1028.mst: Chinese (traditional)

1029.mst: Czech

1031.mst: German

1033.mst: English

1034.mst: Spanish

1036.mst: French

1040.mst: Italian

1041.mst: Japanese

1042.mst: Korean

2052.mst: Chinese (simplified)

2070.mst: Portuguese


TRUE: associates .3D files to SpinFire Ultimate (default)

FALSE: does not associate .3D files


Override font files those being,

  • MCAD2.ttf
  • monos.ttf
  • monosb.ttf
  • monosbi.ttf
  • monosi.ttf
  • MyriadCAD.otf

See Installing Fonts

TRUE: overrides font files (default)

FALSE: use font files that already exists on the system

OFFICEADDINSInstall Office Add-Ins

TRUE: adds the office add-ins

FALSE: does not add the office add-ins (default)