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Known ArangoDB Upgrade Issue

ArangoDB Upgrade Issue

For existing Centro 7.11.x or 7.12.x with ArangoDB 3.6.8 you may experience problems with the upgrade to 3.7.18.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Create a System VM snapshot of the currently existing and functional Centro CAD Publisher 7.xx version/ArangoDB 3.6.x.

  • For all points it is assumed that Centro CAD Publisher 7.xx and ArangoDB 3.6.x are running on the same machine.

  • Now follow points 2 to 5 at in this order and save the "dump" of the ActifyDB as described.

  • Then please follow the uninstall and reinstall in the order provided below:

  1. Uninstall 3.6.8 Enterprise (Delete everything) -> Make checkbox active / Activate the checkbox

When the uninstallation is finished, please continue with point 2.

2. Install 3.6.8 Enterprise with Rocksdb

Disable "Keep a backup of databases" / Deactivate "Keep a backup of databases".

Now install ArangoDB 3.6.8 without any database.

3. Log into ArangoDB 3.6.8 as root user into the "_system" DB via

  • Then go to Users and give Root user the same password it had as before, this is crucial.

4. Create ActifyDB DB

Create a new empty "ActifyDB" via Add Database menu as "root" user. Please note that this is case sensitive.

5. Restore database to 3.6.8 in RocksDB mode

Import the ActifyDB dump again. It should now be imported in RocksDB mode, as the configuration of ArangoDB 3.6.8 is already in RocksDB mode. When importing, the "ActifyDB" will be 100% converted to rocksDB format.

  • If not already there, copy the dump folder into C:\Program Files\ArangoDB3 3.6.x\usr\bin for convenience.

  • In  a powershell window or command prompt window, navigate to the C:\Program Files\ArangoDB3 3.6.x\usr\bin.

  • Type the following to restore the database data.
         .\arangorestore.exe --server.database ActifyDB --input-directory "dump"

6. You should be able to check via the ArangoDB GUI the collections in the ActifyDB database is now populated.

  • Proceed to run the 3.7.18 executable to upgrade the ActifyDB

  • Then upgrading from ArangoDB 3.7.18 to ArangoDB 3.8.8

  • And finally upgrading from ArangoDB 3.8.8 to ArangoDB 3.9.5.

7. Test for completion / Test for completion

Verify that the update and data restore worked by conducting the following simple tests.

  • Login to the ArangoDB web GUI and verify the database is a Community version and is 3.9.5.

8 . If applicable, then follow the Standard CAD Publisher Upgrade:

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