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2D Drawing Compare

Compare two 2D models (drawings) with the 2D Drawng Compare feature. Drawing compar shows differences between two 2D models, drawings, or images.

To compare two drawings

  1. Open drawing A in a 2D workspace.
  2. Import drawing B into the same 2D workspace.
  3. Click the Drawing Compare icon on the 2D toolbar.
  4. Select the two drawings from the assembly tree to compare.
  5. Select Result Markers and whether you want small or large.
  6. Change results color if desred.
  7. Click COMPARE.
  8. The Drawing Compare reults window shows the percentage of differences. You can use the slider to show th graphical differences opaque to transparent.
  9. If you wish to capture a drawing to show colleagues of the differences, click CREATE DRAWING.

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