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SpinFire Functions

SpinFire uses specialized software (called importers) to enable you to view native 3D CAD files in nearly all the most popular file formats. (See Importers for more information.) Other importers enable you to view 2D CAD files.

The Workspace is where all the documents are viewed, changed, and saved. The 2D Document and 3D Document toolbars contain the commands for working with files. 

When a multi-page CAD drawing is opened in SpinFire Ultimate, a separate document is created for each page—these documents comprise one .2D file when saved.

Similarly, when a 3D CAD model has 2D drawings associated with it, each 2D drawing results in a separate document, in addition to the model document. When saved, the model and associated documents make up a .3D file.

Each document in a file is represented by a tab, and can be viewed by clicking on the tab. (See Working with Documents.)

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