The PMI context menu

Hide/show all annotations and annotation plane borders
  1. In the Workspace, click the Annotations browser icon to open the Annotations pane.
  2. To show/hide all planes, select/clear the Annotation Planes checkbox near the top of the listing. To show/hide an individual annotation plane, expand the Annotation Planes list, then select/clear the associated checkbox.
  3. In a similar manner, select/clear checkboxes associated with PMI entries.
Highlight a surface or part associated with a PMI annotation
  1. In the Annotations pane, click the annotation listing. The selected annotation and associated surface, part, or annotation appear highlighted.


You may also select an annotation by right-clicking it in the 3D scene.

No surface or part is associated with a Text PMI note.

Position the view to better read an annotation plane
  1. Right-click an annotation to see the flyout menu. This can be done in either the Annotations pane or the 3D scene.
  2. Click View by Plane to re-positioned the view to better read other annotations on the plane.