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2D Document Toolbar

In the 2D workspace, SpinFire Ultimate enables you to view, manipulate, and label certain 2D document files (see Importers for a list of supported file types).

The 2D workspace has its own toolbar, from which you can initiate commands using a combination of buttons and menus to view and manipulate the document.

Open a command menu by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of an icon on the toolbar. Once you have used a particular command, the icon associated with that command will remain on the toolbar. You can then quickly repeat the last command you called with just one click.

For example, to calculate the distance from one point to another, click the drop-down arrow next to the current Linear menu icon, then select Point to Point from the menu. The Point to Point icon will remain on the toolbar until another linear measurement command is selected.

To find out which command is active, move your pointer over the icon to see the pop-up label.

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Measuring and Annotating 2D Documents

Working with 2D Documents

Hide/Show Browser Pane

Controls the visibility of the browser pane located on the left side of window.

Background Color Menu

Use the SpinFire Color dialog box to override the default Workspace background color (see 2D Viewer Settings).


Choose to hide/show Notes, Dimensions, stamps, Shapes, or the Scale Bar.

Also see Scale Bar.

Zoom Fit

Select to Zoom Fit, Zoom Window, Focus on View, or Magnifying Glass.

2D Notes

Linear Menu

Contains commands for measuring lengths, coordinates, edges, and areas. See Measuring and Annotating 2D Documents and 2D Linear Menu for details.

Radial Menu

Contains commands for measuring arcs and circles. See Measuring and Annotating 2D Documents  and 2D Radial Menu for details.

Angular Menu

Contains commands for measuring angles. See Measuring and Annotating 2D Documents and 2D Angular Menu for details.

Smart Edge Dimension

Simply mouse over a drawing to highlight an edge, and with one click quickly determine its length.

Length Units Menu

Enables you to override default length/distance measurement units.

Angular Units Menu

Enables you to override default angular measurement units.

2D Shape Tools

Create rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ellipses within the 2D document

2D Callout Tools

Create right callouts, left callouts, and cloud callouts within the 2D document

Line Tools

Create lines, polylines, curves, and closed polylines within the 2D document.


Mark the 2D document with a predefined stamp.


Drawing Compare

Click to find the differences between two drawings. 

See 2D Drawing Compare for more information.

Calibrate Drawing

Click to baseline measurements for a 2D workspace.

See Calibrate Drawing for more information.


Click to write and execute scripts that can automate repetitive tasks.

See Scripting for more information.

2D Viewer Settings

Opens an Options dialog box that allows you to change 3D Viewer settings.

Show Resource Monitor

Click to show the resource monitor statistics. These can be used in conjunction with Actify support to help diagnose rare issues.

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