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2D Viewer Settings

These settings affect the way SpinFire Ultimate displays your 2D images. You can specify the image background color, graphics driver, measurement parameters, and fonts and background color for labels.

After you have made desired changes to the 2D Viewer Settings page, be sure to click the Apply Settings button.


Click the respective COLOR... button to select the default colors for markup lines and arrows, the scene background, and highlights.

Selected Color Palette - Select from the dropdown list or create a custom color palette.


Graphics Driver - Select a graphics driver from the drop-down list. SpinFire Ultimate supports OpenGL, OpenGL 2, OpenGL 2 Mesa, and DirectX 11.

Frame Rate Enabled - Enable/disable control of animation frame rate.

Frame Rate - Increase frame rate for smoother animation; decrease for better responsiveness.

Values are: 15 to 30.

Anti-Aliasing - Enable/disable smoothing the jagged appearance of diagonal lines in a bitmapped image.


Display Grid - When enabled, the grid appears in 2D documents.

Display Rulers - When enabled, rulers appear in 2D documents.

Display Scale Bar - When enabled, the scale bar appears in 2D documents.

Scale Bar Location - Specifies the scale bar location in the 2D document.

Decimal Places - Determines the default number of decimal places that are displayed in measurement labels.

Values are 0 to 10.

Length Unit - Determines the default unit of measurement for Dimension markups. Units of measurement for individual Dimension markups can be changed from the right-click menu. See Measuring and Annotating 2D Documents and Measuring and Annotating a 3D Model for details.

Values are Kilometers, Meters, Centimeters, Millimeters, Micrometers, Nanometers, Miles, Feet, Inches, Mils, Micro-Inches.

Angular Unit - Specifies the default unit of measurement for angles.

Values are Deg-Min-Sec, Radians, Degrees, Grads.

Grid/Ruler Unit- the default unit used for the grid/ruler.

Grid Cell Size - the default grid cell width and height sizes.

Show Measuremnet Information Panel - The measurement inofrmation panel appears when enabled.

Show Note Information Panel - The note inofrmation panel appears when enabled.

Lock Tool Enabled - Lock Tool is set when checked to perform the same measurement wihout having to reinitiate the feature.

Label Fonts and Colors

Font - Click the Font name (default is Microsoft Sans Serif 12 pt) to select font, font style, size, effects, and color for markup and measurement labels.

Background - Click the Color... button to select the markup label background color.

Fonts and background color for individual markups and measurements can be changed from the toolbar.


Selected Stamp - Determines the default stamp to use.

Define Stamps - Edit predefined stamp names, fonts, color, and size. Add new stamps as desired.

Shortcut Toolbar

Define Shortcut Toolbar - Click to configure the shortcut buttons (see Shortcut Toolbar)

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