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Activation and Registration


After a SpinFire Ultimate seat has been purchased, Activation is required before the software can be utilized. Begin activation from either the Options tab or the Tools menu.

There are two types of seats for SpinFire Ultimate: node-locked and floating.

A floating seat works in conjunction with a floating-license server; the total number of floating seats that can be running at any one time is determined by the total number of licenses that have been purchased. To activate a floating license, you need either the license file (*.al) or the seat ID you received from Actify—or an authorized reseller—at the time of purchase.

A node-locked seat is licensed to one computer. It is possible to transfer your license from one computer to another if, for example, you replace your computer. To enable a transfer, simply activate SpinFire Ultimate on the new computer; the license for your old computer will be canceled. Three node-locked seat transfers are allowed. See Activation page for steps on how to activate or transfer your license.

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Using Floating Licenses



Registration ensures that you receive the latest SpinFire Ultimate updates. These updates include the following:

  • Customer and technical support.
  • Tips and tools.
  • New release and upgrade information.
  • Maintenance information.


Even with a license, you can still run SpinFIre Ultimate 11.0 in reader mode: On the command line, type spinfire.exe -r. The -r parameter instructs SpinFire to ignore all license file(s).

This command can be executed via a batch (.bat) file from the desktop, and can be useful for floating-license users.

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