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Floating License Options

Floating License Options - Overview​

This is an overview of the various options available for the Spinfire Floating licences.

Creating the options file

Create a new text file named actifyd.opt and add your options. It is recommended that you only use a plain text editor, such as Notepad, for editing options files. 

  • ​Place this file in the same directory as  the vendor deamon actifyd.exe.

  • Stop and Start the license server from the Start/Stop/ReRead tab in LMTOOLS.

  • Examine the debug log file to confirm that your options file changes have been implemented by the license manager.

GROUPCASEINSENSITIVE ON / OFF to the actifyd.opt options file to enable/disable case sensitivity for user names. Default, no entry is OFF

You need to add GROUPCASEINSENSITIVE ON to the actifyd.opt options file to disable case sensitivity for user names!

Disabling case sensitivity for user and computer names

You can enable/disable case sensitivity for user names and computer names when using the GROUP or HOST_GROUP commands. Without this statement, the default is that user and computer names are case-sensitive.

The following example disables case sensitivity for user and computer names:


The following example does not disable case sensitivity for user and computer names:



Controlling license borrowing

Several commands control license borrowing for specified licenses.
The following example limits license borrowing of SpinFire licenses to 7 days:

  • MAX_BORROW_HOURS SpinFire11 168

The license borrowing may be terminated at any time before the expiry of the stipulated period.
If the period of the defined 168 hours is exceeded, the license is automatically returned.
On the seat, the license has borrowed, SpinFire can no longer be started.
Note: The parameter must always be a multiple of 24 hours. Maximum interval for the borrowing is 720 hrs. Missing the entry MAX_BORROW_HOURS is automatically considered a period of 30 days. (SpinFire11 = SpinFireUltimate). 

The following example blocks license borrowing for 3 SpinFire licenses:

  • BORROW_LOWWATER SpinFire11 3

Defining groups

Groups can be defined using the Windows login name. By default the user names is case sensitive.
The following example defines a group called group1 for three users:

  • GROUP group1 smitha jonesm STEWARTd

Excluding license usage

Access can be blocked to specific licenses for a user. Any users not explicitly excluded will continue to have access to these licenses.
The following examples block access to SpinFire Pro licenses:

  • EXLUDE SpinFire11 GROUP group2

Including license usage

Access can be provided to specific licenses for a specific user. Any users not explicitly included will not have access to the specified licenses. If you want to block license usage for only a few users you should consider using the EXCLUDE syntax.

  • INCLUDE SpinFire11 group1

​Example Options File: (use include or exclude, but not together – means you can include user/groups and rest is excluded or you can exclude user/groups and rest is included)

The following example option file: actifyd.opt will perform the following:

  • group1 may use SpinFire and can borrow a license

  • group2 may not use any SpinFire licenses

  • Group3 may use SpinFire, but can not borrow a license

  • 4 licenses from the pool must remain on site

  • the borrow period is set to 7 days (168 hours)

GROUP group1 smitha jonesm stewartd
GROUP group2 stewartd
GROUP Group3 brownc andersons
INCLUDE SpinFire11 group1
EXLUDE SpinFire11 GROUP group2
INCLUDE SpinFire11 GROUP Group3

If you have groups and you wish to reserve a usage of 1 license to each Group  - Use the function

RESERVE [count] [productfeature] [type] [name]

So the actifyd.opt should look like...

GROUP group1 user1 user2

GROUP group2 usera userb

RESERVE 1 SpinFire11 Group group1

RESERVE 1 SpinFire11 Group group2



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