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Set tessellation parameters in the importer settings or use the re-tessellate context menu command to re-tessellate the model within the current 3D work space.


To re-tessellate a part or assembly:

  1. Select the parts or assembly either in the graphic area or in the assembly tree.
  2. Right mouse button click to bring up the context menu.
  3. Select Re-tessellate....


Tessellation Level

The predefined quality of the tessellation that will be generated  for B-Rep data using the standard tessellation algorithm.

Tessellation Preserves UV Points

Whether to keep  parametric points as texture coordinate when generating the tessellation for B-Rep data.

Tessellation Maximum Edge Length

The maximum length of the triangle edges in the tessellation generate for B-Rep  data. The value must be non-negative, and  if set to 0.00, the length will not be used. when generating the tessellation. 

A value too small can generate a large tessellation resulting in a lengthy rendering time.

Custom Tessellation Types


Utilize additional tessellation parameters (accurate tessellation, angle tolerance, chord limit type, chord height ration, and chor height limit) by setting the Tessellation Type to Custom.

Accurate Tessellation

Whether to use the accurate tessellation algorithm. If the accurate tessellation algorithm is not used, the standard tessellation algorithm will be used.

Tessellation Angle Tolerance

The maximum angle in degrees between two  consecutive wire elements i the generated tessellation, in the range (10, 40). 

Tessellation Chord Limit Type

Select Height to use the Tessellation Chord Height Limit setting or Ratio to use the Tessellation Chord Height Ratio setting.

Tessellation Chord Height Ratio

The ratio of the tessellation chord height  to the bounding box height in the range (50, 10000).

Tessellation Chord Height Limit

The maximum distance between the surface definition and the tessellation approximation. 

A value too small can generate a large tessellation resulting in a lengthy rendering time.

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