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SpinFire Ultimate 11.7.0: Export 3DPDF Permissions Setting

 SpinFire Ultimate 11.7.0 adds a Permissions setting in the Export 3D PDF dialog. Permissions allows the user to control what a PDF user can do.

Export Permissions



All permissions are active.
OpenUser can open and decrypt the document.
SecureUser can change the document security settings.
UserAll permissions are active except Open and Secure.
PrintUser can print the document.
EditUser can edit/modify text notes.
CopyUser can copy information from the document.
Edit NotesUser can add, modify, and delete text notes.
Save AsUser can perform a "Save As..." operation.
Fill and SignUser can fill or sign existing forms or signature fields.
AccessibleThe Accessibility API is enabled.
AssemblyUser can insert, delete, and rotate a pages, create bookmarks and thumbnails.
High Quality PrintUser can produce high quality prints.
OwnerAll operations are permitted.
Form SubmitAllows users to submit forms outside the browser.
Spawn TemplateUser can spawn template pages.

Effects Acrobat Reader

When opening exported PDF files in Acrobat, you can see some of the effects the export permissions provide.

Some are obvious such as the Print permission where you are able to use that functionality or not in Acrobat.

For others you can view Acrobat's security settings. Below shows All permissions enabled.

To export to 3D PDF

  1. Open a 3D model.
  2. From the Menu bar (see The SpinFire Ultimate User Interface), select File > Export > 3D PDF.
  3. Change the settings specific to the CAD format exporting to.
  4. Click Export.

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