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The Folder Context Menu

Commands for working with local folders are available via the folder context menu. Right-click a folder in the connection pane to open the context menu.

Available commands are:


When selected, files are listed as specified in the Update Connection dialog box. 


Updates the displayed contents of the folder.


Pastes any file in your clipboard to the folder.


Opens the folder in Windows Explorer.

New Folder...

Create a new subfolder.


Removes the folder from the Library.


If using this command on the connection, it will not delete the folder from your system; it will only remove the listing from the connections pane in the Library.

If deleting a folder, the folder will be removed from your system. 
Expand/Collapse All

Expand/Collapse the folder structure.


If you right-click a top-level folder (i.e., the folder selected when the connection was added to the Library), the Update Connection dialog box is displayed.

Use this dialog box to rename the connection folder and/or to select which file formats are displayed in the file list pane.


If you give the folder a new name, you are renaming the original folder that resides in your local system; it is not a copy created by SpinFire Ultimate. Please use caution when using this command.

If you right-click a sub-folder, the folder Properties dialog box is displayed.

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