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Export to glTF

SpinFire Ultimate provides the ability to export and convert 3D natve CAD files to the GL Transmission Format (glTF) format.

To export a 3D CAD file to the glTF format

  1. Open the 3D CAD file.
  2. Select the menu item, File > Export > GlTF.
  3. In the Export GlTF dialog window,
    1. Enter or browse the file path and filename.
    2. Select to export only visible parts or not.
  4. Click Export.

To convert a 3D CAD file to the glTF format

  1. Click menu item, File > Convert....
  2. Click ADD FIle.
  3. Select the native 3D CAD file.
  4. Check GlTF on the right side of the convert dialog window.
  5. Enter or browse the file path and filename.
  6. Click CONVERT.

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