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SpinFire Ultimate 11.10.1 Release Notes


SpinFire 11.10.1 makes key improvements to the Model Compare feature, increases Centro connectivitivty, updates importers, and fixes a large amount of bugs.

Notable Changes


Supported Versions

Autodesk Revit

2015 to 2023 (3D)

Catia V6

2023 (2D)


NX to NX 2212 Series (2D)
V11.0 to NX 2212 Series (3D)


Up to 35.1

Solid Edge

ST1 to 2023 (2D0,

V19 -20, ST - ST10, 2023 (3D)


2004 to 2023 (2D)

From 97 up to 2023 (3D)

Minor Changes

  • Coordinate systems are invisible when importing with Construction and References importer option.

  • Remove button added in Materials dialog window.

  • Sort the Quantity pull down items in the Part Properties Chart dialog window.

  • Update view once on an import subassemblies.

  • Prevent empty assembly item names.

  • Update the scripting to be able to export a coordinate system based on a specific coordinate system

  • Change Cancel buttons to Close buttons where appropriate.

  • Cancel button addd to the model import process.

  • Show all formats in the convert menu for files with 2D and 3D models.

  • Option added to disable the double-click to Zoom Fit.

Bug Fixes 

  • 2D Models

    • Cannot Show Only multiple drawings at once.

    • Focus is available for multiple selected items.

    • Cannot invert invisibility with multiple drawings at once.

    • Relative To dropdown menu on the Coordinate System dialog window sometimes contains duplicate entries.

    • Redundant view update when pressing Focus in a 2D document.

    • CGM PolyMarker does not take into account multiple objects and size.

  • 3D Models

    • Crash when loading a missing part.

    • Specificdemo data for Actify demo and marketing errors.

    • Creo surfaces can havewrong colors.

    • Specific ACT3D file does not open.

    • Specific STEP file cannot open in SpinFire but opens in SolidWorks.

    • DWFX is displaying incorrect borders.

  • Assembly Tree

    • Some parts are displayed after removing models from the assembly tree.

    • Context menu always opens when pressing CTRL If assembly item Is selected.

  • Calibrate

    • Calibrate Apply button doesnot work as expected.

  • Centro Connection

    • Support of long file paths is absent in Centro Connection.

    • A false "check in" message appears in Centro when cancelling a check out in SpinFire Ultimate.

    • Special characters do notwork in Centro username or password.

  • Conversion

    • Convert button is active after disabling all type of conversion.

    • Changing export options in the file converter does not offer to reset settings after a file convertion.

    • Converting a mixed type AutoCad file with the Only 2D setting on to ACT3D fails.

  • Export

    • Exporting AutoCAD flips images upside down.

    • Exporting AutoCAD fails when Surfaces On Demand is enabled.

    • Transform is incorrect when several models are exported to a native format.

  • Import

    • Section edges are visible for hidden models.

    • A CATIA file does not open if the PMI are imported.

  • Measurements and Notes

    • 3D Point Note create nutton does not work immediately.

    • Error occurs in the log file when calculating Axis-Aligned Bounding Box for the parts with the the selected color if this parts are unchecked in the assembly tree.

    • Copied Axis-Aligned Bounding Box measurement does not have correct dimensions.

    • Circles appear on drawings when using Point to Point or Edge to Edge measurements.

    • Model Compare show Wireframes.

    • The Reset button is disabled in the Model Compare dialog window when inputting incorrect tolerance values.

    • Visual Model Compare loses color when moved.

    • The viewer crashes when selecting the Default CAD View after comparing the model.

    • An icorrect Volume calcuation with a CATIA file.

    • Wall Thickness Analysis does not work with Load on Demand Surfaces.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Undo does not work for render mode change on the Scene node.

    • The render mode icon is not updated after clicking Undo when changing the render mode.

    • The shadow disappears when the assembly exploded.

    • A User View fails to load the camera on start up.

    • The line color is not saved after changing line color and saving the document.

    • The saved ACT3D file fails opening in a specific model.

    • An error occurs some time after closing all files in a specific model.

    • SpinFire hangs after importing subassemblies when the section plane is enabled.

    • Invert Visibility cannot be undone.

    • The shadow disappeared when the assembly exploded.

    • Section plane does not resize when a subassembly is unloaded.

    • Add include Attributes Option for Export Parts List.

  • Open File

    • The details in an error box has no value when trying to open a file type that is not supported.

    • Saved ACT3D file with a Wall Thickness user view fails to open.

    • [specific] ACT3D file does not open.

  • Part Properties

    • Sorting order is reset after clicking Copy in Properties window.

    • The part selected in the chart field in the Part Properties Charts window is not highlighted in the properties field.

    • The color does not match when comparing the colors of the properties and the colors of the charts.

  • Printing

    • The orientation does not change in the fax settings if the orientation is landscape in the fax settings.

    • Default Printer Settings do not work properly.

  • Sectioning

    • Clicking the Section Cut button does not toggle off the section when a model with a section cut is opened.

    • Invalid section cut geometry is displayed when slicing several models.

    • Section cut positions fail to save in multiview.

    • The Section Cut Dimensions window enables after closed and the section plane is disabled.

    • Offset Section Picking remains enabled after switching to Single Plane.

    • Hidden parts reappear after double clicking when a section is active.

  • Settings

    • Enablnig Display Rulers in the 2D Viewer Settings does not auto-Zoom Fit the drawing.

    • Shared Settings enables after changing language using Ctrl+Alt+F1.

    • Tje Reset button is active in the Reset Settings dialog box when no items were selected.

    • The language is not updated in the language selection window when the language is updated in the application settings.

  • UI

    • Dialog windows are cropped when minimized.

    • Relative To dropdown menu contains duplicate entries.

    • Discard Changes button overlaps Apply Settings in German in a specific case.

    • The Choose Language dialog does not display a second time when on the Part Properties Chart dialog.

    • The Check For Updates field is disabled in the Help menu after resetting settings to default.

    • An incorrect color appears in the color selection dialog on Imported models.

    • Remove Rename context menu for surfaces.

    • Selection of items from the tree to transform differs from the context menu to manual selection when Transform window is active.

    • Some columns require translation in the Part Properties Charts dialog.

    • The column names in the Select Properties dialog require translation.

Recommended Environments

Client Environment




Operating System

Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 11 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019 
Windows Server 2022

Windows 10 (64-bit) 

Windows 11

Windows 10 (64-bit)

Windows 11

OS Language Supported

English (US)

Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)

English (US)

Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)

English (US)



Intel i3 4 Core 3.8 GHz (or equivalent)

Intel i5 4 Cores 3.9 GHz (or equivalent)

Intel i7 8 Cores 4 GHz (or equivalent)



16 GB DDRR for Windows 11

16 GB DDR4

32 GB DDR4


DirectX 12 capable graphics card, 2GB VRAM

DirectX 12 capable graphics card, 4GB VRAM

DirectX 12 capable graphics card, 6GB VRAM

Installation Notes

SpinFire Ultimate News Panel

The SpinFire Ultimate News panel requires Microsoft’s webview2 runtime software to display the latest in SpinFire news.

Download the executable from Microsoft to install.

Note: If your system is up to date on Windows 11, your system will already have this installed.

Print Preview

In many cases, Microsoft updates have prevented the rendering of the model in Print Preview.

Microsoft provides a workaound to correct this.

On the system in question,

  1. Open a PowerShell in admininistration mode.

  2. Run the following:

reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework\Windows Presentation Foundation\XPSAllowedTypes" /v "DisableDec2022Patch" /t REG_SZ /d "*" /reg:64

For more information see,

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