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Telemetry is the automatic collection of usage data for SpinFire Ultimate users. Telemetry is only enabld if a user agrees to participate.

To impove our software, Actify telemetry collects anonymous data. To do this, Actiyf employs Microsoft Application Insights. The information collects on a rolling bases and stores for a limited amount of time.

The collected data includes the following:

  • Application data. Th application version, Application, Viewer, and Importer Settings are collected. Both Excptions and Warnings are also collected.

  • The file size, format, vectorized stats and loading times are collected.

  • Markup usage data. Markup type and calculation times are collected.

  • Centro Connction Status.

  • Operating System.

To enable/disable Telemetry

  1. Open SpinFire Ultimate.

  2. Click on Options > Settings > Application.

  3. Enable or disable telemetry with the Enable Telemetry checkbox.

  4. Click Apply Settings.

To view the information about Actify Telemetry

  1. Click Help > Telemetry…

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