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SpinFire Ultimate 11.7.0 Release Notes


SpinFire Ultimate 11.7.0 adds copying parts and assemblies during a transform, part property 2D charting,  new and updated importers, additional convenient and requested enhancements, and hundreds of defect fixes.

Special Note

If a floating license server is already installed, you must update it to the latest Floating License Manager in order to be able to use SpinFire 11.7.0 . Simply follow the instructions here to upgrade the existing Floating License Manager.

Notable Changes

Additional Enhancements

Minor Changes

  • Tables now appear with alternative row colors
  • Ability to select None, From View, or All for Annotations and Markups on Print Preview
  • Floating License usage columns have changed
  • ProgramData\Actify folder automatically added if it does not already exist on installation
  • Improved error message when attempting to open an invalid file in the template editor
  • User ability to change the layout in the template editor
  • Save the selected file type in the conversion dialog
  • ESC cancels moving an item in the assembly tree
  • Override PMI Color is enabled by default
  • Arc measurements have Draw Arc enabled by default
  • Errors / Warnings and Output moved to the View menu

Note: Due to issues with the assembly tree, dragging and dropping to move parts and sub assemblies is disabled for 11.7.0. This will be enabled in a future version.

Bug Fixes 

  • 2D Area Tools
    • Area and Callout tools Line color isn't displayed after saving and loading model

  • 2D Callout Tools
    • Incorrect size of callout when restoring it after deleting it

  • 2D Files

    • Memory is not always released after importing drawings 

    • Aborting CATIA V4 file during loading causes SpinFire to hang

    • CGM is missing from CATDrawing

    • NX 12 files with drawings do not open

    • NX 12 file does not open

    • SolidWorks 2018 2D file does not open

    • SolidWorks 2D file does not open anymore

    • Some SolidWorks 2D files do not open anymore

    • Cannot load drawings which contain text when using Datakit in x86
    • Unexpected line is displayed in a CATDrawing when zooming out a lot
  • 2D Measurements

    • 2D DXF files open with non-orthographic view
  • 2D Notes
    • Impossible to return focus to notes
    • Wrong Anchor Point for 2D Edge Notes on 2D Documents
  • 2D Viewer Settings
    • Tooltips are cropped in 3D/2D Viewer Settings
  • 3D Files
    • JT 10 file created from NX contains datetime attribute with incorrect value

    • Colors are missing from STEP file

    • Datum Axis feature from NX file is not imported

    • Viewer crashes after opening CAD files

    • SpinFire crashes when loading

    • Viewer crashes when saving ACT3D with OpenGL Graphics Driver and Scale Bar is enabled

    • Navigation Cube transformation does not match custom Coordinate System

    • Viewer crashes in laptop with Intel HD Graphics 3000
    • Viewer crashes when opening files

    • SpinFire crashes soon after startup

    • 3D model manipulation is slow in a machine with Nvidia Quadro card

  • 3D Mouse
    • 3D mouse has incorrect camera movement in standard views and drawings
  • 3D Preview
    • 3D Preview is not working in Windows 10 Creators, Fall Creators and April 2018 Update versions 

    • Error occurs when trying to Load 3D Preview after the first time

    • Access denied when trying to save ACT3D file with 3D Preview which is selected in Windows explorer

  • 3D Settings
    • Selected setting has incorrect New Value text color in Reset Settings dialog
  • 3D Viewer Settings
    • Front Facing PMI option is not applied to ACT3D files

  • Activation
    • Activation or Registration does not work in some cases
    • Message box is displayed in top left screen corner when floating license times out and application is minimized or application is successfully updated

    • Floating license does not work when user or machine name contain Unicode characters

    • The file is not updated when SpinFire starts, after changing sfpflv2.dat in the license server

    • License project should depend on the Floating License project

    • ACT3D file can be saved when exiting SpinFire or closing Workspace or Document and license is not available

    • Incorrect date/time in License Server Status when application language is Italian

    • SpinFire hangs when Floating License server is stopped
    • Busy indicator is placed under the License Server Parameters dialog when testing the connection
  • Annotations
    • Impossible to recognize the icon of selected item in list box or tree list view when the theme of application is Modern Dark

    • Error occurs when exporting data files with template which contains CAD model

    • Annotation Focus does not work for JT file

    • Busy indicator is missing when exporting table data

  • Application Settings
    • The Theme Accent Color is not being reset when Reset to Default is applied

  • Arc Center to Arc Center
    • Linear distance measurement text disappears in Markups tree after coordinate system change
  • Arc Center to Edge
    • Wrong Arc Center to Edge Measurement on IGES file that contains wireframes
  • Assembly Tree
    • Some assembly tree items are missing from the assembly tree, but are visible, after performing Transform with Copy

    • Undoing Show Only of a part after hiding another part results in the entire model being visible

    • Assembly tree search stops on the leaf item that is not a Solid or Open Shell

    • Incorrect checkstate of parent item for moved part item in the assembly tree

    • Assembly tree nodes are copied rather than moved when dragging to a new location

    • Part name changes after moving it under another tree item

    • Solid and surfaces are missing from the assembly tree after moving part that contains them under another tree item

    • Right clicking on an assembly tree item causes a BindingException in Debug

    • Part disappears from assembly tree when moving it under another part after importing model

    • Crash when a part is a dragged into a "new part" in the assembly tree

    • Assembly tree search stops on the leaf item that is not a Solid or Open Shell
    • Unexpected index appears after reopening model with deleted Product Occurrence
    • Part disappears from assembly tree when moving it under another part after importing model
    • Assembly tree state and graphics visibility of hidden objects is incorrect
  • AutoCAD
    • DWG file imports with missing lines

    • AutoCAD file crashes during loading

    • The wrong image is used to fill an area in a 2D DWFx file

    • AutoCAD model with 3D geometry imports as 2D

    • AutoCAD files that contain images do not open

  • Axis Aligned Bounding Box
    • Viewer hangs when trying to open a file that contains Wireframes

    • Bounding Box markup does not update when loaded from a .ACT3D or .3D file

    • Bounding boxes are not updated when performing transformations

    • Bounding Box measurements do not respect visibility

    • Bounding Box calculation for large files takes much longer to complete than before

    • Bounding Box calculations use hidden geometry
    • Nothing happens when trying to do a bounding box calculation or perform a transformation of an empty part
    • Axis-aligned Bounding Box position is incorrect when using a relative Coordinate System
    • Message box is not displayed for Bounding Box calculation when there are no assembly items or it fails
  • Axis Triad
    • Navigation Cube and Axis Triad are cropped in Print Preview when selecting region for printing
    • Incorrect position of navigation cube and axis triad when they are initially disabled and their location changes before enabling them
  • Boundary Volume by Surfaces
    • Viewer crashes when using Boundary Volume by Surfaces and selecting a Blocking Surface that is not connected to any Seed Surface

    • Incorrect markup anchor for Physical properties and Boundary Volume by Surfaces measurements

  • CAD Views
    • Section styles from CAD Views are not applied

    • Transformation styles from CAD Views are not applied

    • CATIA V5 - Imported PMI and Geometry Data Not Being Assigned to the Imported Views Correctly

    • Visibility styles from CAD Views are not applied to all assembly item instances

    • Cannot interact with the Navigation Cube when a CAD view is opened after an Orthographic View
  • Centro Connection
    • Cannot connect to Centro when LDAP authentication is used

    • Incorrect Favorite Searches in Add Centro Connection dialog

    • Retrieving Data from Centro sometimes fails

    • Impossible to delete Centro favorite search connection from the library
    • Buttons are always disabled in Centro Settings tab
  • Close
    • Closing one document prompts Close All Documents
  • Common
    • Color picker Alpha value has incorrect range
  • Controls
    • Sliders behavior in Color Picker isn't consistent with other sliders

    • Use only one TextBox instance for renaming nodes in the TreeListView control

  • Conversion
    • Reset to Default option works incorrectly in Converter dialog for importers with PMI Font option

    • Impossible to Reset to Default right part of Conversion dialog

    • Conversion fails when converting to any file format except ACT3D

    • Convert context menu item isn't disabled in Reader mode in Library

    • PMI Font option button is incorrectly aligned in Convert dialog

  • Coordinate Systems
    • Coordinates tooltip is missing when hovering over points

    • Asterisk isn't displayed when adding new coordinate system

    • Active Exploded Assembly Coordinate System is not updated when changed from Markups Browser

    • Last created and global coordinate systems are active at the same time when opening ACT3D file

    • ACT3D file contains two active Coordinate Systems when opened

    • ACT3D file with more than one coordinate system appears as modified when opened
    • Grid in a standard view should align with a new coordinate system

    • Grid in a User View created from a Standard View should be on for a custom coordinate system

    • Rulers should turn on for Standard orthographic views with custom coordinate systems

  • Curvature Analysis
    • Reset button isn't disabled when opening Analysis window or when pressing it

    • Some windows have incorrect title

    • Viewer crashes when failing to project a point on a surface during Curvature Analysis
  • Delete Part
    • Deletion of original parent item may cause a crash when assembly item is moved under another tree item

    • Cannot delete component dragged and dropped into current assembly

    • Deleting an instanced part results in extra solids being created on selection

  • EMF Files
    • EMF files with PNG and JPEG images do not open or are incorrect

    • EMF file polygons are not displayed correctly

    • EMF Plus file polygons are not displayed correctly

    • Some polygons are missing when opening 2D AutoCAD files saved as .3D in SF10

    • EMF Plus path polygons and polylines are not displayed correctly

  • Exploded Assemblies
    • Exploded Assembly does not work while in a Section Cut
    • Confirmation dialog is missing after using Exploded Assembly and closing Viewer
  • Export
    • B5 ISO translation is missing from 3D PDF export and corresponding option is not available in Hardcopy export

    • Viewer crashes when exporting 3D PDF with U3D Annotation Format

    • Cannot export 3D document which contains at least one empty part under the Scene

    • Imported model is missing when exporting 3D PDF from .3D file

    • Remove Ability to Export to 3D PDF and HSF from 2D Snapshot Workspace

    • Magna - 3dpdf Export with changing color of the part

    • Exporting AutoCAD scales images incorrectly

    • Exporting to Iges removes all Part color

    • Rulers and scale bar are incorrect in screenshots

    • Missing geometry in screenshots when one or more assembly tree items are transparent

    • Error when opening Export Image window

    • Viewer crashes when exporting 3D PDF with U3D Annotation Format
  • Grids
    • Viewer crashes when enabling Grid in 2D document and zooming out a lot

    • The grid isn't updated after zooming in and then focusing the entire model

  • Import Document
    • Error occurs when importing an ACT3D file for the second time

    • Cannot import the same .3D or .ACT3D more than one time

    • Import .ACT3D into current Workspace fails the second time

    • Any file can be imported in Reader mode

    • Failed to import error occurs when importing a shattered ACT3D on top of another

    • Import/Export Settings

    • PMI Color and Font import Options are missing their tooltips
    • Specific CATIA V5 files fail to open when Hidden Objects is enabled and Construction and References is set to Import Hidden
    • Options tests fail when run all together
  • Importers Page
    • Reset to Default does not dynamically update PMI Font option value
  • Library
    • Filter doesn't work in Library when adding new connection and Show Only CAD Files is unchecked

    • Centro document does not open when performing double mouse click on it

  • Markups
    • Export options dialog is closed when closing Print Preview dialog

    • Impossible to cancel exporting data files when error occurs

    • When exporting markups there are different empty lines at the top between XLS and XLSX

    • Markup hyperlink allows selecting the same document, or User or CAD Views group

    • Markup text flickers with DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 drivers

    • Markups original size is not restored after saving an ACT3D file with active 3D document

  • Materials
    • Column borders are visible when selecting datagrid rows in modern themes

    • Datagrids have inconsistent arrows compared to the rest of the application

  • Minimum Bounding Box

    • Crash on closing SpinFire while calculating minimum bounding box

    • Notification is missing while Minimum Bounding Box is calculated for big model
  • Model Compare

    • Model compare colors are reversed when changing type in dialog

    • Model Compare is comparing hidden parts

    • Viewer freezes when performing geometric model comparison using at least 1 as tolerance value

  • Navigation Cube

    • Ruler is overlapping navigation cube

  • News

    • Cannot access publicly available secure URL in the News Page

  • Office Integration

    • Graphics area is not visible in Office in Windows 10 Creators, Fall Creators and April 2018 Update versions

  • Open File

    • SF10 file with Bounding Box measurements does not open

    • No UI is shown when trying to open models with "Open with..." menu item in Windows Explorer

    • Intermittent crashes when opening STEP files

    • Ability to add random colors when importing STEP AP 203 files

    • ProE Creo file imports without colors

  • Orthographic Views

    • Isometric mode isn't restored in specific case 

  • Part Properties

    • Viewer crashes after changing Application theme and Part Properties window is open

    • Error is displayed when properties dialog is opened and application theme changes

    • Part Properties and Rule-based Coloring Export does not work

  • PMI
    • PMI Flatness symbol in NX file is not rendered correctly

    • CATProduct never finishes loading when importing PMI

    • CATIA V6 file PMIs are not visible

    • PMI text is missing from JT file

    • GD&T diameter symbol is incorrect for CATDrawing
  • Print Preview

    • Viewer crashes after closing Print Preview and OpenGL Graphics Driver is used

  • Print Region

    • Impossible to cancel Print Region

    • Views are not restored properly after using Print Region

    • Rulers have incorrect size and overlap Axis Triad when using Print Region in 4 Viewports

  • Projection Area

    • Projection Area calculation is incorrect

  • Registration

    • Required Fields text in Registration is not visible in Modern Light theme

  • Rendering Effects

    • The shadow effect disappears when the model is transformed

  • Re-Tessellate

    • Error when performing Re-tessellation on a Product Occurrence

  • Rule-based Coloring

    • Impossible to change the top rule in Rule-based Coloring

    • Column header text is missing in the Rule-based Coloring Results dialog

    • Viewer crashes when using Physical properties rule for empty parts in Rule-based Coloring

    • Switching to a Physical Property Type after selecting the Name of a CAD Property in Rule-based Coloring causes a BindingException in Debug

    • The Edit and Delete buttons can be made inaccessible on the Rule-based Coloring window

  • Rulers

    • Rulers and Grid are not displayed correctly in User Views

    • Markups appear over the ruler

    • A white rectangle is being drawn in the top left corner of any opened 2D document

    • View labels are placed incorrectly after applying any view with Rulers on model

  • Save/Load

    • The assembly name of a copied CAD model changes after saving as an ACT3D file

  • Scale Bar

    • Scale bar is incorrect after loading a file

    • Labels translated incorrectly in Scale bar after changing language to any Asian character set

    • 2D model Scale Bar displays first the Height instead of Width
  • Sectioning

    • Cannot save Cross-Section View as startup view

    • Incorrect Section profile face color when Use Part Color option is checked 

    • Section plane capping doesn't work with IGES files

    • Error is displayed when creating 2D document from Section cut

    • Cut geometry is not generated when enabling section

    • Show Cut Material is on by default for 11.2.0 and .3D files 

    • Geometry artifacts appear after enabling section, opening Profiles window, closing it and changing the section plane position

    • Error when saving a file and Cross-Section view is at least one of the active views

    • Section faces and profile face color are not saved in ACT3D files

    • Section is rotated in Cross-Section view when saving and loading an ACT3D file

    • Section profile isn't updated when using Explode Assembly
  • Selection

    • Window selection is taking long time to update when resizing the selection window

    • Impossible to only select several solids with window selection when they belong to the same part

    • Ability to select an arbitrary Point location in 2D for notes and measurements

  • Shattered Assemblies

    • Import Subassembly menu item is missing when opening a file using Load Only Assembly Tree

  • Shortcut Toolbars

    • Shortcut toolbar is displayed during opening model

  • Snapshots

    • SpinFire freezes when creating another snapshot of multiple views and sectioning is enabled

  • Standard Views

    • Layouts button is not disabled when there are validation errors and causes an exception when views changes are not saved

  • Surface Draft Angle

    • Surface Draft Angle measurements are wrong when importing model in empty 3D Document

  • Templates Editor
    • Auto-hiding a dockable window does not always work in Templates Editor

    • Incorrect tab item style when overlapping Elements window with Properties window in Templates Editor

  • Thickness

    • CATIA V5 file has inconsistent thickness measurement

    • Thickness measurement is inconsistent

    • Thickness measurement has incorrect results

    • Wall Thickness and Thickness measurements are incorrect in CATPart file

  • Transformations

    • Asterisk is displayed while Preview works in Transform dialog

    • Transform by handles causes preview of transforms to stop working

    • Viewer crashes when using Transform by Handles and quickly switching to move tab and enter the graphics view or when closing a document

    • Incorrect transformed CAD model name after saving a document as ACT3D

    • Nothing happens when trying to import invalid XML file in Translations Editor

  • UI

    • .3D thumbnails are missing when uninstalling SFU and SF10 is installed

    • Error occurs when undocking Explorer and changing application theme or accent

    • Hidden Explorer becomes visible when changing the Errors/Warnings or Output visibility

    • Coordinate Systems icon is missing in Display toolbar menu item for Modern themes

    • Splash screen follows cursor when moving it in the second monitor

    • Message Box can move behind Open File dialog, making it impossible to work with SpinFire

    • Integer NumericUpDown controls stay white after application theme changes to Dark

    • Error is displayed when changing application theme twice

    • About box Acknowledgements text gets cut off for some of the licensing information

    • Separator is missing for Borrow License menu item

    • Show Viewer button is displayed in the middle of an added document in Show Only Graphics mode

    • Error is displayed when trying to enable Errors/Warnings or Output after changing application theme

    • Show Viewer button is located on another monitor on a two monitor system

    • Show Only Graphics isn't applied after adding document in existing Workspace or adding a new Workspace

    • Errors/Warnings and Output panes aren't displayed after changing Explorer position

    • Impossible to change the size of floating windows when using their bottom border

    • Explorer or main toolbar drag and drop doesn't work after resetting the viewer layout

    • Incorrect style of export submenu when switching from modern dark to classic theme

    • Expand All assembly tree items works incorrectly when items are linked to PMI

    • Wrong title in Close dialog when closing a changed Workspace and another one is open

    • Busy indicators are replaced by 'Please wait' indicator when opening files on Windows 8.1

    • Property Grid filter does not find results when searching for name that contains a set of letters

    • The End of Maintenance date does not fit within the left panel of the Home page for some languages
  • User Views

    • Section position isn't saved in user view

    • User View label is not updated when renaming the User View
  • Volume, Surface Area and Center of Mass

    • Pick a Point message is displayed in Measurement dialog when calculating Physical Properties

Upgrading from 11.6.4 to 11.7.0

To upgrade SpinFire Ultimate from 11.6.4 to 11.7.0

  1. Launch and run the SpinFire.x64.msi (or the SpinFire.x64.exe) and follow the installation wizard instructions. 

  2. Select Check for Updates from the Help menu if you have an Internet connection and are upgrading form 11.1 or greater.

See SpinFire Ultimate Known Issues

Recommended Environments

Client EnvironmentMinimumRecommendedOptimum
Operating System

Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit)
Windows 8.1 (64-bit) 
Windows 8.1 (32-bit)
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2012

Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows 8.1 (64-bit) 
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 10 (64-bit)
OS Language Supported

English (US)
Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)

English (US)
Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (traditional)

English (US)


Intel i3 4 Core 3.8 GHz (or equivalent)

Intel i5 4 Cores 3.9 GHz (or equivalent)

Intel i7 8 Cores 4 GHz (or equivalent)

Memory8 GB DDR316 GB DDR332 GB DDR3

DirectX 12 capable graphics card, 2GB VRAM

DirectX 12 capable graphics card, 4GB VRAM

DirectX 12 capable graphics card, 6GB VRAM

Prerequisite Installations

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