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Administration Activity

Centro records a list of what, when, who, and how your Centro configuration was changed. This may be important to explain changes in your system.

Centro records the

  • date,
  • time,
  • user,
  • action,
  • what was affected, and
  • in some cases such as permissions, what was changed

The types of actions recorded are:

  • User Permissions Changed
  • Role Permissions Changed
  • User Roles Changed
  • User Disabled
  • Project Created
  • User Created
  • Role Created
  • Project Archived
  • Project Activated
  • Users Project Permissions Changed
  • Roles Project Permission Changed

  • User Enabled

Filter by Agent Type

Administrative activities are performed by users and by the system via pipelines. Centro refers to these as agent types.

To filter based on agent type

  1. Pull down the Filter Agent Types menu.
  2. Click User and/or Pipeline on which you wish to see in the list.
    Note: Having both checked or both unchecked shows all agent types.
Filter by Action Type

You may be interested in specific actions populating the list of activities in the admin area. Filter out actions that do not hold interest with the Filter Action Types menu.

To filter based on action type(s)

  1. Pull down the Filter Action Types menu.
  2. Click an action type or multiple action types you wish to see in the list.

Note: If you don't see the activities you expect, make sure those actions are not filtered out from this list.


The list of actions do not necessarily refresh automatically within the same session of using the admin area of Centro. To make sure you have the latest list of activities, click the the Refresh button.

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