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Catalog Part Activity

The Catalog part activity tab in the Catalog Part page tracks who, what, and when were operations performed against the catalog part and its resources.

Activities Logged


Centro logs the following activities for Catalog Parts:

  • Access Control List Added

  • Access Control List Deleted

  • Access Control List Updated

  • Assembly Downloaded

  • Data Doc Added

  • Data Doc Deleted

  • Data Doc Purged

  • Data Doc Restored

  • Data Doc Updated

  • Part Added To Projects

  • Part Created

  • Part Rmoved From Projects

  • Part Renamed

  • Part Tags Changed

  • Part Thumbnail Changed

  • Resource Added

  • Resource Check Out Canceled

  • Resource Checked In

  • Resource Checked Out

  • Resource Deleted

  • Resource Downloaded

  • Resource Purged

  • Resource Renamed

  • Resource Restored

  • Resource Tag Changed

  • Resource Updated

  • Resource added to 3D Search

  • Resource deleted from 3D Search

  • Resourcs downloaded with archive

  • User File Downloaded


Filter on Source

Filter the list of activities based on the source type; either by users or a pipeline.

  1. Click the Filter Agent Types.

  2. Check users or pipeline.

Filter on Activity

Filter the list of activities by activity type

  1. Click on Filter Action Types.

  2. Check the activities to have appear.


When an activity occurs the list of activities are not automatically updated if you're already on the Catalog Part. Refresh the list to see new activities that have been logged.

To force refreshing the activity list,

  1. Click the Refresh button.

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