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ArangoDB 3.8.x Support

The Actify development team adjusted and verified Centro on ArangoDB 3.8.x. Actify recommends using fully supported versions of ArangoDB.

ArangoDB 3.7.x EOL

According to ArangoDB, as ArangoDB 3.8 is available support for ArangoDB 3.7 will end around May, 2022
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ArangoDB 3.6.x EOL

As of August 31, 2021, support for ArangoDB 3.6 has ended. 

Helpful Reminders

Upgrading your organization's Centro system to ArangoDB 3.8.x typically goes without incident. To minimize potential issues

  • Backup database data

  • Endpoint configuration files

  • Backup other system data especially if one's database is on the same system as the Centro installation such as

    • Catalog resource folder

    • file

    • Any valued log files 

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