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Centro Windows Database Installation

Centro now runs reliably on the Windows version of ArangoDB. Version 3.6.x or greater and less than 3.7.x must be used. This allows organizations to run with Windows as a database server or run an entire instance on a single system.

See ArangoDB Compatibility Chart to obtain the correct version of ArangoDB for your version of Centro. 

Recent versions of ArangoDB

Older versions of ArangoDB

To Install the Centro Database on Windows,

1. Install ArangoDB 3.x.x

To install ArangoDB 3.x.x for Windows

  1. Download the .exe file to install.

  2. Run the installation setup.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Click I Agree.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Enter a password and the confirmation password for the root user. Select mmfiles for the engine. Click Next.

  7. Click Install.

  8. Allow for the files to be installed.

  9. Click Finish

2. Set the Endpoint

For the application and the Web GUI to reach the ArangoDB database, configure the endpoint to make it accessible.

To Set the Endpoint

  1. Edit the C:\Program Files\ArangoDB3.x.x\etc\arangodb3\arangod.conf file.

  2. Change the line from

    endpoint = tcp://


    endpoint = tcp://

  3. Save the file.

3. Restart the Service

After changing the endpoint restart the service to use the alterations.

To Restart the Service

  1. Open Windows Services.

  2. Find the ArangoDB service.

  3. Select and click restart.

4. Run the Deploy Script

Complete the database setup, by running Centro's database deploy script

To run the Centro database deploy script

NOTE: If you installed ArangoDB to a non-"C" drive, you will have to modify the setup.bat file as shown below;

  • Navigate to the ArangoDB install folder

    • DRIVE:\Program Files\ArangoDB<version>

  • Navigate to the \use\bin folder

  • Edit the setup.bat file

  • Change the following setting using the proper Drive letter

    • SET ARANGO="C:\Program Files\%ARANGOV%\usr\bin\arangosh.exe"

  1. Extract the file 

  2. In the Power Shell, navigate to the deploy folder.

  3. Run the Setup.bat file.

  4. Follow the script instructions.

The Centro deployment script creates a "Centro" user to use when setting up the web application and services rather than using the database root user.

Make note of the random password created for the remainder of the installation. If you use this user/password combination, you can skip the Step 5.

5. Create a Database User

It is strongly recommended from a security perspective to use a database user other than the root when installing the web application and services. The following can be used to create the user in Windows in a command prompt.

The ArangoDB web GUI can also be used. It is important to set read/write privileges for the user on the ActifyDB database.

You will need your root password to enter the arangosh shell program.

cd c:\Program Files\ArangoDB3 3.2.5\usr\bin
require("@arangodb/users").grantCollection("username", "ActifyDB", "*", "rw")

Note: The c:\Program Files\ArangoDB3 3.2.5\usr\bin directory path is based on the version of Arangodb you've installed. Adjust accordingly.

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