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Centro Database Installation

ArangoDB Community Edition

The Arango DB Community Edition is recommended for use with Centro and provides a simpler and easier to maintain environment.

The relevant version to install is provided in the ArangoDB Compatibility Chart. Determine the right version to use before beginning installation.

Customers who have previously used the Enterprise Edition and do not have specific needs to continue with it, should migrate their environment using the migration guide

Incremental Updates required for Arango

When updating ArangoDB please do not skip point releases. Skipping point releases may risk loss or corruption within the database. Please update incrementally. For example if your organization is still using Arango 3.6 and Centro 7.11, you will need to update as follows:

  • Arango 3.7

  • Arango 3.8

  • Arango 3.9

  • Centro 7.13.2

Centro does not require incremental updates.

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