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Centro 7.1.0 Release Notes

Known Issues

See Centro 7 Known Issues


Centro 7.0 is the latest in product visualization software from Actify, Inc. Centro 7.0 is a 64-bit server application that is fully browser based, with a scalable architecture utilizing a graph database and greater flexibility with action sequences. 

Important Notes

 Centro 7.1.0 requires a license file to operate CAD conversions to ACT3D and CAD formats. See Centro Licensing for more information.

Centro 7.1.0 also requires ArangoDB to be at 2.8 or higher (but below 3.0).

Added Features 

  • Shattered Assemblies
  • Assembly Resource Manager
  • Scheduled pipelines
  • SpinFire Web Attributes
  • LDAP support
  • Localization
    • German
    • Japanese
  • Centro SDK

Bug Fixes

  •  Installation

    • Login expiry feature is missing upgrading C7.0.0 to C7.0.1
    • Install gets corrupted, Pipeline manager service gets removed but never re-installed
    • Installed WebApp fails if no R/W permissions are assigned to IIS_IUSRS
  • Pipeline Manager
    • After re-running job, number of checked checkbox inconsistent with real value
    • QuickPublisher: ResourceToCatalog actions are inserted even when Add To Catalog is unchecked
    • Wireframes are missing in published .ACT3D
    • Remove the system pipeline's dependency on the "full" user's password
    • Strange dates in "Cancelled" column in the exported Report only
    • Jobs explorer - Error - Unable to fetch job data
    • Quick-Publisher: CAD2CAD conversion throws exception when files with .CATProduct extension is converted

    • Remove File After Upload Option Not Working for CAD2CAD Conversion
    • Imported Pipelines have "[Imported]" appended to name, but this is invalid.

    • TimerTrigger does not seem to handle Daylight Savings Time properly

    • Error on console when the user open Pipeline Manager page
    • Directory watcher does not cancel jobs for files deleted while pipe was unstaged
    • Typing while the dynamic properties menu is open doesn't filter the list
    • Time filter shows graph aftre pressing Clear button
    • Imported Data to Catalog Pipeline shows Incorrect Project Information
    • Directories moved into a watched directory not picked up
    • Empty Pipeline is in the Job Explorer page
    • Pipeline request errors aren't always shown
    • Job event time mismatch (DST)
    • Incorrect displaying labels on the Pipeline Manager page
    • Creation SpinFire ACT3D does not completely work for an assembly part
    • Pipeline Manager Activity Window is Not Updating Properly
    • Unable to create ModelMap for file with special chars
    • Generate error for assemblies containing a part multiple times
    • Exception in console when user removes options in Advances search
    • Cancel Jobs button missing from Jobs Explorer page
    • CADToCatalog: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    • Font is different for buttons on the Job Explorer
    • Report button doesn't exist for system pipeline
  • Catalog
    • Catalog resources do not appear in Catalog parts after an upgrade
    • CAD Name missing on "Parts"

    • Delete double scrolling on Project page

    • On 'Download Assembly' it is not possible to include an assembly without all of its children
    • Files not allocated after PathTooLong exceptions
    • Images are not shown on Vertical view mode when all attributes are unchecked
    • Warning message is cut off at the top in the Catalog
    • It is possible to download empty part
    • Problem uploading multiple files with same name, but different extension resources - thumbnail creation error
    • Favorite label goes beyond the boundaries of a button
    • DataGrid page throws exception in console
    • Exception in console when user removes parts from compare page
    • Reordering parts in compare page doesn't work for horizontal view
    • Homepage.html missing white space for "toggle names" label
    • The tool tip interrupts button pressing on Projects/Archived page
    • Long filename/name breaks tag modal.
    • Part view page is broken when the user adds multiple files with long name
    • Catalog part: download and check out buttons do not expand when there is enough space
    • CentroControl: 404s when checkout model is loaded
    • Cancellation of auto-check-out is attempted twice when resource update fails
    • Refresh status button shows double check-in button
    • Exception in console when user add DataDoc
    • Possible to add empty row in DataDoc
    • Special chars in filepaths of child parts prevent PartView actions from completing for assemblies
    • Brackets in file/folder filters not handled correctly
    • Exception in console when user tries to save advanced search
    • Canned searches are sometimes duplicated and/or in the wrong order
    • Make ellipsis to display many page like on catalog search page
    • Saved search based on .ACT3D file size is not working
    • Catalog search: possible to add multiple instances of the same search
    • Catalog search: advanced search cannot be retrieved after saving
    • Advanced search: click edit button causes search to execute
    • Advanced search by volume is not working
  • SpinFire Web

    • Assembly tree bug in SpinFire Web - Parts showing when they're not ticked.

    • Invert selection resetting the bar on same axis incorrectly

    • Displaying assembly tree items are different in SpinFire 11 and SpinFire Web

    • SpinFire Web: Highlighting in Assembly tree not cover all long item name

    • Creation "thumbnails" and new SpinFire Web file doesn't work for assemblies
    • When SpinFire Web Viewer permission isn't ticked the user still can open SpinFire Web page
    • Impossible to draw circle
    • Bounding box labels shows incorrectly
    • SpinFire Web PMI aren't shown if user check it in assembly tree
    • SpinFire Web selecting a part from the assembly tree causes it to disappear in the graphical view
    • Change tooltip location to allow user press the button
  • BOM

    • Thumbnails are not loaded

  • Admin Area

    • Admin: JavaScript error in console
    • Account lockout occurs after one failed attempt when lockout should be disabled
    • Delete unnecessary slash from Create project window
    • Permissions are shown only after refreshing page
    • Breadcrumb is disabled after pressing About link
    • ApplicationSettings update creates invalid Settings in database
  • Database

    • Javascript Errors using ArangoDb 2.8.9
  • Misc

    • "Websocket Error has occurred" is not a good error message
    • Internet Explorer 11 Not working properly with pipeline edit mode
    • Internet Explorer: Data grid page doesn't look good
    • Internet Explorer: Assembly tree can't be open on preview page
    • Internet Explorer: Exception in console when user presses toggle full screen button
    • Internet Explorer: Sliders are not shown for some part on Preview page
    • Internet Explorer: Check boxes don't work
    • Internet Explorer: Data Grid page throws exception
    • Data to Catalog - Values in .csv are not populating sunburst chart properly
    • Show only 2 decimal places for the cost demo sunburst chart.
    • Buttons are cropped with the small screen size
    • Long filter name is cropped
    • Change location of check box remember me on register page

Known Issues

See Centro 7 Known Issues

Supported Environments

Centro Web / File Server EnvironmentMinimumRecommendedOptimum
Operating System

Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)

Windows 7 (64-bit) Windows 7 (64-bit) 
CPU/Processor *

Intel i7 8 Core 4 GHz (or equivalent)

Intel i7 8 Core 8 GHz (or equivalent)


Memory8 GB16 GB32 GB
Disk Space 10 GB free50 GB free100 GB free

* It's recommended to have n-1 core processors where n = the number of total concurrent jobs running.

The amount of available free space is dependent on the amount and size of files and revisions uploaded as resources to the Catalog.


Database EnvironmentMinimumRecommendedOptimum
Operating System

Ubuntu Linux v12.04 / v14.10 / v15.04

Debian Linux v7.0 or v8.0

Debian Linux v8.0Debian Linux v8.0
Memory8 GB8 GB16 GB
Disk Space

10 GB free

20 GB free

50 GB free

Client EnvironmentMinimumRecommendedOptimum

WebGL Compatible Browser

  • FireFox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Edge 



Memory2 GB4 GB8 GB

Prerequisite Installations



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