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Importer Updates for Centro 7.8.0

The importer update for Centro 7.8.0 utilize SpinFire Ultimate's 11.7.0 libraries. ACT3D files can now be created using the new items. All importers, supported, versions, and extensions are listed below.

New or changed items are listed in bold.

NameSupported VersionExtensions
SpinFire Professional10.3D
ACISUp to 2018 (R28).SAT,.SAB
Autodesk 3DS MaxAll versions.3DS
Autodesk AutoCAD2.5 to 2018 (2D and 3D).DXF,.DWG,.DWF
Autodesk InventorUp to 2019 (3D).IPT,.IAM
Autodesk Revit2015 to 2019 (3D).RVT,.RFA
CATIA V44.15 to 4.24 (2D), Up to 4.2.5 (3D).MODEL, .SESSION, .DLV, .EXP
CATIA V5R10 to R29 (V5-6R2019) (2D), Up to V5-6 R2018 (R28) (3D).CATPART, .CATPRODUCT, .CATSHAPE, .CGR, .CATDRAWING
Catia V6R2010x to R2018x (2D), Up to 2018x (3D).3DXML
CGMAll versions.CGM
COLLADAAll versions.DAE
FBXASCII 7100 to 7400 and all binary versions.FBX
glTF2.0.GLTF, .GLB
HPGLAll versions.HPGL, .HPG, .HGL, .PLT, .HG2, .HP2, .GL2
I-deasUp to 13.x (NX 5), NX I-deas 6.MF1, .ARC, .UNV, .PKG
IGES5.1-5.3 (3D).IGS, .IGES
Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)IFC2x Editions 2-4.IFC, .IFCZIP
JTUp to 10.2.JT
ParasolidUp to 31.0.X_B, .X_T, .XMT, .XMT_TXT
PDFAll versions (2D and 3D).PDF
PRCAll versions (3D).PRC
Pro/Engineer & Creo Parametric2000i to Creo 5.0 (2D), Pro/Engineer 19.0 to Creo 5.0 (3D).ASM, .ASM., .NEU, .NEU., .PRT, .PRT., .XAS, .XPR, .DRW, .DRW.
Rhino4, 5, 6.3DM
Siemens PLM Software's NXNX to NX 1847 Series (2D), V11.0 to NX 12.0 (3D).PRT
Solid EdgeST1 to ST10, 2019 (2D), V19 - 20, ST - ST10, 2019 (3D).ASM, .PAR, .PWD, .PSM, .DFT
SolidWorks2004 to 2019 (2D), From 97 up to 2019 (3D).SLDASM, .SLDPRT, .SLDDRW
STEPAP 203 E1/E2, AP 214, AP 242.STP, .STEP, .STPZ, .STP.Z
Stereo Lithography (STL)All versions.STL
TIFFAll versions.TIF, .TIFF
Universal 3D (U3D)ECMA-363 - 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions.U3D
VDA-FS1.0 and 2.0.VDA
VRML1.0 and 2.0.WRL, .VRML
Wavefront OBJAll versions.OBJ
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