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Pipeline Example for Catia R29 Files for Centro 7.8.0

Download Sample Pipeline

This Pipeline converts CATIA V5R29 files as follows;

  • Converts CATIA V5R29 files to .prc
    • Using “NewFormatsConverter”
  • Populate Catalog based on .prc
    • CAD to Catalog
    • PhysProps
    • CAD to PNG
    • CAD to SpinFIre Web
    • CAD to SpinFIre
    • CAD File to 3D Search
    • Resource to Catalog
  • Run Process removes .prc

Please note: this Pipeline will convert all CATIA files in the Watched directory, not just the V5R29 files.

The following variables in the Pipeline must be modified;

  • Watched folder
    • Directory Watcher
  • Input/Output Path
    • CAD to PNG
    • CAD to SpinFire Web
    • CAD2CAD
    • CAD to SpinFire
    • Run Process
    • CAD File to 3D Search
    • Resource to Catalog
  • Project
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