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Project Locations

Projects (and thus Catalog Parts) can be organized by location.

When Centro is configured with multiple web app instances, each instance is consider a location. Each location contains the physical set of resources on that server.

The Projects page of the Centro Catalog reflects projects in the various locations. 

Viewing Projects by Location

Expand and collapse locations to reveal associated projects and associate resources for those locations.

To sort or reverse sort the Location column

  1. Click on the Location column header label.

  2. The projects is sorted in alphabetical order of the header icon appears as follows.

  3. Click again to reverse the sort order.

To filter locations

  1. Click on the Select Locations drop down.

  2. Select the locations to show. Click all items or none of the items to show all.

  3. The list of projects automatically updates to show only those with the location(s) selected.

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