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CAD Publisher Pipeline Manager

Managing automated workflows, or pipelines, of data through a system is done from the Centro Pipeline Manager. The Pipeline Manager enables you to create, edit, find, manage, and execute pipelines.

Finding Pipelines

Search - Enter text to search for a pipeline. The search automatically performs partial searches. Wildcard characters are not permitted.

Sort - Sort pipelines alphabetically in ascending or descending order using the sort toggle button.

Managing Pipelines

Create a new pipeline from an empty pipeline flow. See CAD Publisher Pipeline Editor.

From the Create New dropdown menu, select Import Pipeline to create a new pipeline from a pipeline configuration file.

Click the Editor button to modify the selected pipeline. See CAD Publisher Pipeline Editor.

View pipeline results via the Jobs Explorer. A pipeline must already be deployed. See CAD Publisher Jobs Explorer.

Executing Pipelines

Deployment Icons

Deployed and started

Deployed but not started

Not deployed

Deployed/Not deployed

Edit Pipeline - Click to edit the pipeline. Available only to users who have appropriate permissions. See Administration.

Jobs Explorer - Click to view the results of the pipeline. Active only if the pipeline is already deployed.

Start/Pause Pipeline - Start or pause pipeline processing. Active only if the pipeline is already deployed.

Deploy a pipeline. A host manager is chosen as jobs are created.

Redeploy a pipeline to apply pipeline changes, when the pipeline has already deployed.

Unstage Pipeline - Remove the pipeline from deployment. Active only if the pipeline is already deployed.

Delete Pipeline - Delete the pipeline from the pipeline manager. Active only if the pipeline is already deployed.

Available only to users who have appropriate permissions

Download Pipeline Configuration - Export the pipeline configuration to a file. The file can be used to create a new pipeline.

Pipeline Log - View the log for the respective pipeline.

Pipeline Info

The pipeline Info tab displays general information, configuration, trigger configuration, action sequence, and history.

Pipeline Activity

The Activity tab displays the actions taken on the pipeline.

Filters - Filter the list down by Agent name, Subject name, Agent Type, or Action type.

Action list - List of all actions taken on the selected pipeline.

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