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SpinFire Enterprise Site Licenses

A site license is applied similar as a node locked license however rather than needing a different seat ID for each system, only one seat ID (or one license) is used for every system for an organization.

A site license is associated with a domain name. The systems using the site license must be part of the domain and must be on the network when Internet activating (Option 1 below). 

NOTE: Only one domain can be used per Seat ID (license)

If the site license is for a sub domain, only systems within the subdomain or subdomains of the subdomain can use the site license, not the parent domains. 

How to check user’s Domain Status

With a site license, there is not a direct network connection from SpinFire to the domain server

  • When SpinFire starts it askes the current Windows for the domain name of the logged in user.

    • If it is correct, SpinFire will start with the license

    • if not, it will fail

 The logged in user must be a member of the related domain.

  • This means a logged in local user cannot use SpinFire, on the same machine a logged in Domain user can user SpinFire.

 To check if the user is a member of the domain:

  • Login with the Domain User

  • Open command line window

  • Run command cmd as user

  • Use command whoami /fqdn

  • The CN may show username and group, but DC will show the domain added into OE.

  • The example for this could be (3 DC entries = 2 dots)

  • If the results are no domain or wrong domain, SpinFire will not start

Site License Activation Options

Option 1: Internet-based Activation:


  • Licenses are activated (once) by the SpinFire end-user over the internet.

  • Admins don’t need to copy license files to each user PC


End User

  1. Find the seat ID given by your Actify representative. 

  2. In SpinFire, click the Options tab, or select Options from the Navigation menu.

  3. Click Activation. (This page also contains information about your SpinFire Ultimate license. This information may be needed when receiving technical support.)

  4. Enter your seat ID and click Activate Online.

    • Must be on the correct AD Domain as defined by the Seat ID

    • After activation, network connection is not required


    • The created “” file can be copied to other PC’s on the same AD Domain

    • See below for more details

Option 2: File-based Activation:


  • Actify provides license file(s) that Admins then copy to (each) PC.

  • Users don’t need internet access to activate SpinFire

  • To be performed by an Administrator


  1. Actify creates “” file

  2. File is then sent to the Customer

  3. Customer then distributes to other PC’s on the same Active Directory Domain (%ProgramData%\Actify\SpinFire11).

  4. No activation is required by the users.

  5. Network connection is not required

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