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CAD Metadata

Some CAD files contain attribute meta data. The Extended CAD feature (introduced in SpinFire 10.6) allows users to write this information to a .txt file. 

Currently, the text file is created in the same folder that the source file exists. The file is named <source file>.txt (for example, cadfile.prt.txt). The file is created when the source file is opened. If there are no attributes to extract, a file will not be created.

If the text file cannot be created, an error message will appear and the operation will halt—causes include insufficient disk space or permission settings are inadequate.

This feature exists for only the following importers:

  • Catia v5
  • Inventor
  • JT
  • NX
  • Pro-E
  • SolidWorks

The Import Only Display Data SolidWorks importer option must be unchecked for Extended CAD to function.


If a file already exists with the same path and name as the Extended CAD file, SpinFire Ultimate will automatically overwrite it.

Click to view known issues ...
  • Some SolidWorks data are not extracted to the Extended CAD file (for example, SpinFire Ultimate created a simple object with three Number fields and a Yes/No field, but only the first Number field was extracted).
  • Multiple "density" attributes are written for SolidWorks and NX files.
  • The following attributes are missing from Inventor extractions:
    • Manager
    • Revision Number
    • Create Date

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