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Exploded Assemblies

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Transform multiple or all parts of an assembly in a chosen uniformed pattern quickly with the Exploded Assembly feature

Exploded Assembly Icon

Explode an assembly

The exploded assembly function helps you to easily create exploded assembly views.

You can quickly move components using three different transformation methods applied to the components:

  • Linear - All components move in one direction
  • Radial - All components move out from a central axis
  • Spherical - All components move out from a central point.


  • Linear
    The linear type transforms the parts of the assembly in a straight line following the selected axis.
  • Radial
    The radial type transforms the parts of the assembly in a circular direction around the selected axis starting from the coordinate system origin.
  • Spherical 
    The spherical type transforms the parts of the assembly in a spherical direction around the coordinate system origin.

  • Coordinate System
    Use the global coordinate system or select a user defined coordinate system as the point of origin for the exploded transformations.

    This is used with all types of exploded assemblies.
  • Axis
    Select the X-axis, Y-axis, or Z-axis on the direction the selected exploded assembly type is to take place. 
    Used only with the Linear and Radial types. 
Select Parts

Select to perform the assembly explode on the entire assembly or selected parts.

  • All Parts (default)
  • Select Parts
    When selected one is able to select parts in the graphical window or the assembly tree.
    First click on the Select button to start selection. Click Stop Selection when done.
    Select a part in the list and click the Remove button to remove from the list of selected parts.
  •  Slider Bar
    Use the percentage slider bar (0-100) to view the assembly exploding in the graphical area in real-time.
Create User View

Click on the Create User View button to save the exploded assembly transformation.

When clicking the Cancel button, the graphical area returns to the state (view) in which it started.


Handy Hint

The easiest way to understand the transformation types is to try them.

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